Saturday, March 19, 2011

People Will Do...

Lately, I have been experiencing a rather new phenomena.  Something I am not used to.  What I mean is, strange and unusual things have been happening to me, on Facebook (FB).

Today, like many other days, I made a new friend on (FB).  Okay; so, there's nothing unusual about that.  Especially since I have over 1500 friends.

Another day, I will write about this new friend's chat conversation with me, once I've had time to think and understand, better.  It was absolutely shocking to me!

While I do not know each person, as a face-to-face real life friend, I have made many, many wonderful Christian friends through FB.  I am grateful for each one.

Well, okay.  Not everyone is a wonderful friend on FB.  Like the fellow, who yesterday cancelled friendship and blocked me.

What had I done?  I copied and pasted a Bible verse/comment and posted it on my wall.  He became angry, letting me know that I should have quoted his name as the author and not make any change to it, like I had.

And, what was the change I made?  In addition to the Bible verse, at the end of his entry, he had included a comment that if people don't like what he says, then he will defriend and block them.

After a conversation about this, I solved the problem.  I deleted the entry and made a mental note to not ever do something like this again, in the future, with him.

Normally, this is done, on a regular basis.  Not just by me, but by almost everyone!  We share info, music and Bible verses, regularly.

My last remark to him, before he cancelled friendship and blocked me, was to let him know that I pray God blesses him.  This was a much better thing to say, than what was said to me!

You may be wondering why I would remove his remark from the posting I made, relating to blocking people.  Well, as I explained to him, by making a statement like that, it's like saying you won't forgive the person this case, doing something minor like not wanting to read the Bible verse posted.

After all, if someone cancels friendship and blocks a person, there had to have been a problem, somewhere, somehow, between the people.

God tells us to forgive others.  It's part of obedience to Him.  To His Word.

Believe me when I say that I prayed for this person.  It made me sad to think of the condition of his life.  If he couldn't forgive me, for something only he thought I had done wrong, and had not in real life hurt this person, at all, how can anyone expect to be forgiven by this fellow, ever.  In any situation, for any reason, at any time.

Have I forgiven; will I continue to pray for him?  Yes.  God told us to forgive those who hurt us and pray for those who despitefully use us.

Even though I am not perfect at it, I try to live my life in obedience to God's Word.

In any case, when all is said and done, it makes no difference to me.  I don't know this person in real life; maybe they were having a bad day.  Who knows?  Only God knows.

Besides, people will do, what people will do.

Until next time...

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