Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More About Letting God's Will Be Done...

In yesterday's entry of Life with Lynnie (LwL), if you read, you'll know that I wrote about the issue of people taking death out of God's hands. 

I believe it happens more often than we realize, but most people prefer to not talk about this issue, because it is so very painful.

Yesterday, I wrote about how a family in Ontario, Canada, right from my own area, has been fighting with our healthcare professionals, regarding how the death of their infant son, will occurr.  It's a heartbreaking issue, because ultimately, death will happen.

The only issue in question, in my mind, is who is in control of this infant son's death.  Ultimately, it is God's.  Please read yesterday's entry for more information, if you haven't already done so.

Only someone who has been through this traumatic situation can truly understand the pain and sorrow of what happens.  I'm not referring to the pending death, itself; but rather, the process.

My heart goes out to these parents involved in the medical dispute over whether they should be able to take their son home to die, after being medically treated to allow him to function physically on his own, until death occurrs.  It's not easy, facing this situation.  Nor is it easy facing the pressure of the situation, leading up to death.

In Gordon's and my case, although he may/may not been aware of what was happening around him, he truly didn't have any control, for he was unconscious.  But, I was there.  Every minute of every day, until the hospital told me I couldn't stay there any longer.

No, I don't mean I was actually in his Intensive Care Unit cubicle (ICU) with him every minute of every day, but I was there at the hospital.  They had given me a quiet room to stay in, where I slept, visited with fellow believers who came to pray and read my Bible, when not allowed into see my husband.

At first, I was allowed into Gordon's 'room' almost all the time.  While there, I spoke to him, stroked his head, held his hands, prayed for/with him, quietly sang in his ear and read my Bible to him.

Then the trouble began.  When I started reading my Bible to my husband.  At first, one nurse left the room.  I thought it was to tend to other situations or for personal reasons, because in ICU, everyone has their own 24/7 nursing staff member with them.

Just as Gordon had done to me, when I had numerous surgeries, I wrote on the palm of his hand, that Jesus loves you and so do I.  Love,  Lynn xoxo

I noticed that some nurses would leave my writing there, while others removed it.  That was okay; I just replaced it...repeatedly.

It didn't take long for me to realize that some nurses were Christian, while others were not and obviously against Christianity.

If this seems like another long entry regarding another long issue, it is because it is.  More will be said about this, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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