Friday, March 18, 2011

Hung Over?

Today, on Facebook (FB), some friends were teasing me, about being partly Irish in my heritage.  They commented about things like how I am a writer and have a sense of humour regarding some Irish situations, such as I wrote about, yesterday.

When I responded to them, I couldn't help but say that I have, after all, kissed the Blarney Stone.  Hmmm...I wonder.  Is this why I have the gift of gab and enjoy writing?!  :-))  Only God knows for sure!

Last night, once again, I didn't sleep well.

Even though I haven't really discussed this lately, it doesn't mean I'm sleeping well, for I am not.  In fact, a couple of weeks ago, I got so fed up with reduced hours of sleep, providing me with little or no recuperating rest, that I resorted to desperate measures.

I bought some Melatonin from my vitamin supplier.  It is supposed to help people who suffer from lack of sleep, like I do at times; like I have since before Gordon died, when I was so very stressed.

The first time I took it, I took one (1) full pill of 2 mg.  Sublingually taken, I thought it might taste horrible under my tongue, until it dissolved.  To my surprise, it tasted okay; not good, but not bad, either.

To my surprise, about an hour after I took my supplements and the Melatonin, I began to become drowsy.  Ah, at first I thought it could be just because my mind was thinking about sleep, and I had been so sleep deprived.  But, I found this wasn't the case.

In fact, that very night, I slept soundly.  So soundly, that I don't recall even getting up to use the washroom, as I normally do.

The only not-so-great thing I found, was that I awoke feeling like I had a hangover.  Okay.  I admit it.  Once or twice in my life, I had a hangover.  But, this was when I was young enough to try drinking and old enough to realize I didn't like that feeling, so I never really made a habit of taking a drop or two, even with friends.

In any case, I felt tired, throughout most of the day.  Enough so, that I researched a bit on internet and found out that if you've taken more than your body needs, it will indeed make you feel tired, like you just have to drag yourself around.  It was recommended to cut the dosage in half.

After this happening, I didn't want to take any more, until I truly felt tired once again, from lack of sleep.  So, about three (3) nights later, I was feeling like I wanted to try again and did.  This time, I took the suggestion to heart and only took half (1/2) the pill.

It worked out great!  Although I did wake once or twice in the night, at least I didn't lie awake praying for sleep!  Upon waking, I felt refreshed!

Even so, I am afraid to make a habit of this.  Or, at least I was, until further research showed me that Melatonin may even help my Rheumatoid Arthritic condition.  Time will tell!

You may wonder why I took the Melatonin, even though I was tired.

Well, it's because it seems no matter how tired I am, once I crawl into bed, I find I wake up, totally.  Regularly, this happens; not just on an occasional night. 

As I've written about in the past, I spent many an evening alone, while Gordon was still with me and was ill; when he was sleeping or resting in our bedroom.  To this day, I can manage through most evenings, alone in my livingroom.  But, when I go into my bedroom, seeing my room empty without Gordon, it most often sends me into a level of grief, whether I consciously think of him, or not.

While I have only been taking about 1 mg. a couple of times per week at bedtime, there was one occasion when I didn't sleep well or feel rested upon waking.  I did read however, that some people experience dreams/nightmares from time to time.

While I didn't feel like I had a nightmare, I didn't sleep well, at all that night.  Even though I was too tired to get up, I must have woken up a dozen times.

Even so, I am planning to continue taking Melatonin, a couple of times per week.  Maybe tonight!  I'm really not sure, yet.  I'll have to pray about this and wait for God's response.

Until next time...

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