Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Father Knows Best...

Throughout last week, whenever I had time, I worked on cleaning my home. 

While I keep my home rather clean anyway, I felt I should take extra care to ensure everything was just right this week.  Why?  Well, you may recall that on Friday evening, I was having an Epicure Tasting Gathering (Party)!

My apartment home is not huge.  I love where it is located, the view of the river and the lake as well as the lighthouse and residential areas.  The building has everything I need and I enjoy just living here.  But, believe me, it was crowded with myself, my Epicure consultant/friend M and 12 other guests!

Part of Friday afternoon was spent cleaning and preparing breads, veggies and fruit to be used for tasting with the Epicure dishes and dips that M brought with her.

It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves.  For sure, everyone enjoyed the food tasting, for almost everything was eaten!

My friend M, you may recall, runs the gym in her basement, where I go to work out.

Knowing that she relies on income from both her gym, teaching belly-dancing (for exercise) and from Epicure sales, I decided to have a gathering, in support of her.

Sales was not really the focus of my gathering.  Instead, I spoke to friends with regards to having them host a time like I was hosting, in an effort to promote future business for M.  I was happy that two (2) people booked time to engage others in an Epicure tasting gathering, plus a third (3rd) person was wanting to check their schedule to ensure they selected an appropriate time.

I praise God for this, for you see, M's husband has MS and is not able to work.  She does her best to provide for the financial needs of her family, that are not covered by the limited income her husband's pension provides.

Don't get me started on how hard it is to live for those who are disabled!  I don't have to let you know that I believe more needs to be done, to assist disabled people with life and the expenses that need to go with it.

After about half (1/2) of my friends had headed for home, my friend W began speaking about what is planned for the meeting at Essex Baptist Church, coming up the first (1st) week in April.  She let everyone know that I will be singing to entertain those in attendance.  In addition, she and another church sister will be portraying themselves as Martha Stewart and Maxine.

W had us in tears, laughing at some of the antics they have planned!  How I wish you could have been here!

It did me good being able to laugh!

I thank you, my friends, for bearing with me throughout the not-so-great times.  Of course, if we didn't have the not-so-great times, we wouldn't be able to appreciate the great times!

As always, God provides for us, His children.  As our Father, He always knows best.

Hey!  That reminds me of a television show I watched as a child.  Many moons ago...

Until next time...

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