Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blood Clots?!

It's been quite a week, so far!

Not just busy with work, but also busy with my personal life.  I feel like God is now bringing to the forefront of my mind, some things that I just couldn't bring myself to deal with, in the past.  After all, it's His prerogative to allow us to store things in our minds that we feel overwhelmed by.

I won't go into detail at this time, because I have more important things to discuss.  Namely, my daughter P.

On Sunday, she felt itchy on her right leg, between her knee and her hip.  She scratched the itch; as she did, she felt a popping sensation.  This happened in two locations about the same time. 

The result was an almost instant rash and blood at the surface of her leg, covering about half the distance mentioned.  She had another feeling like this, closer to her hip, but chose to not scratch it.

Not knowing what was happening, she took some pics of this and tried to send it to me from her phone, but couldn't.  So, she posted it on Facebook (FB).

Any of my FB friends who may be reading this entry, I thank you for prayer for P.  May God bless you, for this.

P went to the hospital Sunday evening, where she basically spent the night, for she wasn't released until about 6:30 am.  The end result?  The doctor wasn't sure, but felt she had a Haematoma/Hematoma or blood clot.  Albeit, a massive one.  The second area where P didn't scratch became black and blue, apparently from the same cause.  The only difference was, because P didn't scratch this area, it didn't burst.

How can this be?!  Some of the medications P takes for Lupus and for Rheumatoid Arthritis, thin her blood.  How on earth could she possibly have such a problem?

Well, in any case, she seemed to be improved by Wednesday, when I physically saw her.  Even so, those areas were just horrible to look at.  I'm sure she didn't feel happy regarding them.

Some friends from my church had requested I join them in making cards for the 50+ group.  We use them to give to members of the group, as well as to send to missionaries.

P decided to join me.  I was elated!  It was harder work than I planned on doing, physically speaking, but still I was glad to have participated.  I think P had a good time, as well.

Before we left to enjoy lunch together, our small group prayed for P.  You see, Thursday, P is having surgery on her hands.

How surgery could take place, knowing that P has some kind of problem happening in her body at the moment, is beyond me.  But, apparently, surgery will happen.  So, I will be keeping you informed as to how P makes out. 

Once again, I must ask you to pray for P. 

In addition, while you are in a mode of prayer, I will ask you to please pray for my friend J, who lives in Texas; she is in need of a lung transplant and has passed all required tests, except one (1).  Recently, J suffered a lung infection and has been taking antibiotics, but until this infection is cleared up, she cannot be added to the transplant list.  It is therefore crucial that she receive healing as quickly as possible.

Please know, I truly thank you friends, from the bottom of my heart.  May God bless you and your families, always.

Until next time...

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