Monday, February 28, 2011

A Tasting... Plus, Grace and Forgiveness...

Saturday, after cleaning up my older computer (yes, it is operating better, now!), and after working out at my friend M's gym, I cleaned myself up and got ready to go out.

First, I returned to my friend M's home.  She was having an Epicure tasting party.  Actually, M is a sales rep for the company. 

In addition, M had a couple of other friends there at her home, showing their products, as well.  One woman was selling purses and another, was selling nutritional supplements. 

My friend knew I was only in attendance for her sake, and not for the other salespeople, for I was not interested in the product line of purses, nor for nutritional supplements. 

I already take the best supplements available, and have done for over 16 years.

Okay.  Now, you'll hear the truth about me, once more.  I cheated once again, on my weight loss diet.  How could I not?!

My friend M had prepared all these tasty treats, meant to show everyone in attendance the kind of delicious meals and snacks that can be made from the sodium-free products.  Mmmm...were these good!

I know I could have cheated more, by eating more, but I limited myself to only a few delicious morsels.  lol :-))

Originally, I had planned to pick up at least one (1) of my grandsons, and possibly two (2).  We were to go to Calvary Community Church, in Tecumseh, for the monthly movie night!  After all, it was the last Saturday of the month. 

The trouble was, they were both sick.  In fact, my daughter B and all her family were sick, so I headed off to meet my friend J, who was bringing our friend D, with her.

The movie was wonderful.  Another hit, in my book.

Just as the movie began, J offered both D and I a Kleenex, in case we needed it.  She obviously knew more about the movie we were about to watch, than I did.  Yes, I needed it, and used it!

If you're looking for a fabulous, heartbreaking, heartwarming movie make sure you watch Amish Grace.  This movie was based upon the 2006 Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, Amish school shooting and the spirit of forgiveness the Amish community demonstrated in its aftermath and the book,  Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy.

In my opinion, Amish Grace totally portrayed not just the facts and heartbreak of what occurred during this real life tragedy, but the struggle with the pain of grief by people who wanted to be obedient to God's Biblical command to forgive.  Amish people and others.

This touched my soul so completely, that I am considering purchasing several copies of Amish Grace, in order to loan out to others, so the message of forgiveness can be visually displayed.

After all, God not only called us to salvation, but also obedience, including the act of forgiveness

In the past, I have written about each of these, but there is always more to be said.  Another, time will have to do.

Until next time...

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