Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick, But Interesting!

Monday, I had plans to meet with a friend/client for lunch. It didn't happen.

Unfortunately, I was extremely ill Monday. It was totally unexpected, too. I can only think it was a 24 hour flu.

There was no warning. All of a sudden, I was ill.  Truly ill!

Pain in my stomach, bowel troubles, nausea, etc. (too much info?). In any case, I didn't want to leave my home. So, we rescheduled our luncheon.

Being at home, instead of being out, meant that I had some time on my hands that I hadn't planned for. I rested. 

However, I finally got around to doing something I had wanted to do, but hadn't yet found the time. I unpacked my new laptop computer!

Still, not feeling the greatest, I didn't take the time I needed to get acquainted with it, setting up and operating the laptop. I just kind of checked it out, more thoroughly than I did at the store. 

Well, if I had to be sick, at least I had something interesting to do!

Before purchasing this new laptop, I looked at it fairly thoroughly at Staples. Three times, in fact!

At first, I couldn't decide if I really needed the computer.

My older laptop seems to be functioning okay, but the truth is, it is getting older and has been running slower than in years past. I believe this is probably due to needing more memory.

In fact, I have owned my older laptop for a number of years and it had never given me any problems. Still, with more modern programmes using more memory, etc., I wondered if I should bite the bullet and get another one. 

The worst thought possible would be for me to go turn it on one day and find it didn't work. Several people had told me that when an older laptop expires, it doesn't always give warning.

Ever since hearing this, I began thinking about the need for a second computer.  This way, I would always have a spare.

For the same reason I own two (2) printers. Remember, I use my computer and printer for work.

Okay. I may not be writing legal documents daily, but I certainly do need to not only use them daily, but have my equipment ready at a moment's notice. A Realtor's working life is like that. One moment, we don't feel busy, the next we are overwhelmed with work!

Besides, with writing Life with Lynnie (LwL), it is just one more reason to ensure I am capable of having internet access to LwL, for writing and publishing.

Since I had never had any problems with my older computer, I had long ago decided I would want to purchase a similar product, if I could. Also, I was hoping for the same operating system, but in an upgraded version.

This was definitely something I had to pray about.  I am happy to say that God answered my prayer in a positive way!  Thank You, Lord! 

More about this, tomorrow!

Until next time...

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