Monday, February 21, 2011


In yesterday's entry, I forgot to talk about what we ladies did, after dinner.

I'll bet you can guess that my friend J suggested we play a game of Phase 10.  If you guessed this, you would be right!

We all agreed to end the game if we weren't finished by 9:30 pm, because J (who works at the cemetary) had to work the next day.  In addition, my other friend J was going to stop by my friend M's home, on her way home.

Just so you know.  We ended the game just before 9:30 pm; I won!  Then, my friends thought we should play another round or two.  The game changed.  I didn't win.  My friend B, did!  Congratulations, B!

Can you guess we had a good time, together?!  We did!  Thank you, friends!

My friend J suggested I watch a movie due to begin at 10:30 pm, called Madhouse.  She said it was a funny movie.  Until then, I began cleaning up the dinner dishes, etc.

When it was movie time, I was ready to relax.  I turned on the station, settled into my recliner, watched the beginning of the movie, which I thought was rather funny.

Then, it began.  Struggling to stay awake, I began dozing off.  Not only did I miss parts of the movie, but I missed the ending, too.  Oooohhh dear!  Now I'll have to watch it again, in the future.

Climbing into bed, I think I may have been asleep before my head hit the pillow, for I don't even recall getting into bed!

Waking in the morning, I truly didn't want to get up.  My body was hurting.  All I wanted to do was to stay in bed.  Unfortunately, even on the best of days, I cannot do this, for I have too much pain when I awake, to stay in bed.

Being Saturday, I read the paper and watched some television, the Create (PBS) station.

Once again, I found myself drifting off.  In fact, while doing the newspaper puzzles I enjoy so much, I could hardly stay awake.  Then, it happened.  I fell asleep, sitting in my recliner chair.

When my phone rang about noon, I woke up!

Wow!  I could hardly believe that I did that.  I knew I was tired and worn out, with every joint in my body hurting, but I was still shocked about falling asleep, Saturday!

Hopefully, I'll feel better, soon.  I need to recover by Monday.  Not only to work, but to begin working out, once again.  Lord, help me, please!

Until next time...

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