Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saturday Night at the Movie!

Today is February 2nd; groundhog day.  Neither groundhog Punxsutawney Phil (USA), nor Wiarton Willie (Ontario, Canada) saw their shadow, so an early spring is predicted.

Actually, the other day, while in an elevator, I told a fellow resident of my apartment building that I thought we would have an early spring.  I came to this conclusion, because a few days ago, I found a spider near my balcony door.  Usually, finding a spider, especially while living on the waterfront, means spring is coming!

Of course, we just suffered a major winter storm, so it doesn't really seem like spring will be coming soon, but I believe it will!

What is really shocking, is the fact that the movie Groundhog Day is not being aired on television, tonight!  For what seemed like many years in a row, that movie aired every February 2nd.  I wonder why it's not being shown, tonight?  Oh well.  So much for tradition!

For those who read yesterday's entry, I'm sure you can tell that I wasn't feeling up-to-snuff.  Unfortunately, I do go through times like this.  If my entry upset you, I apologize.  The only thing worse than reading about my not-so-great times, is living them.

Saturday was actually a good day for me.  While I was tired (read yesterday's entry), I was truly thankful for the day, because I got to spend some time with one of my grandchildren.

The last Saturday of each month, Calvary Community Church, in Tecumseh, shows a family or Christian film; actually this month, they showed the film on Friday night as well, because a huge crowd was expected.

My grandsons who were supposed to attend with me, had other plans for Friday, so we stuck to our original plan of Saturday night.  Originally, four (4) of my grandsons were to attend with me; the same four (4) who attended the pizza/movie night, previously.

However, through the week, three (3) of my grandsons decided they had other and probably better, plans.  So, I picked up J and together we went to movie night at Calvary.

After paying our donation, we were given a bottle of water and a tub of freshly made popcorn.  We sat in the area I usually sit in.  My friend J joined us; so did our friend, D.

The movie we watched was What If...  Here is a link for the movie trailer:

What if...  was a really good movie to see.  If you get the chance, watch it.

The best part for me, was spending the time together with my grandson.  What a blessing he is to me.  Thank You, Lord!

Afterwards, I took J home.  Then, I met with my friend J, who also attended the movie.  We enjoyed refreshments at a Tim Horton's that was located enroute to our homes.  We didn't leave there until about 10:45 pm.  That's why Saturday's entry was posted later than normal, about 11:30 pm.

I praise God for providing good friends and family for me to love and be loved by.  While I feel blessed about this, the reality is I still go home to an empty apartment.  That old feeling returns.

Until next time...

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