Friday, February 4, 2011

Great Minds Think Alike!

After attending the Sunday afternoon church service at Bible Community Church, with my grandson J, I drove him home.

Heading towards my apartment, I had to pass within one (1) block of a friend and past customer of mine, to drop off some information.

Arriving at her home, I noticed an extra vehicle in her driveway.  I've seen this vehicle here before, so I knew it was a friend of M's who was visiting.  At first, I thought I wouldn't stop after all, but prayed for a moment and found myself getting out of my van and ringing her doorbell.

Wanting only to drop off the sheet of paper I needed to take to M, she insisted I come in.  Her daughter M, was overjoyed to see me, too!  M's husband M insisted I had to come in.  So, I did.

At first, I kind of felt badly that I had stopped by.  That was, until M explained that she had called me to invite me over for a light snack.  When I hadn't answered the telephone and my fax screamed in her ear, she knew I wasn't home!

Amazing how God works, isn't it?!  Here she was on my mind and I thought I'd drop by to deliver something to her, while she had been thinking of me and had tried to make contact!

You know what they say, don't you?  Great minds think alike!  Then again, fools seldom differ! lol

In any case, I sat with the group in M's kitchen and enjoyed light conversation, along with tasty treats that were laid out for all to partake of.

M explained that as an Epicure representative, she had prepared several recipes and had food packed up to take with her to her scheduled party that afternoon.  Just as she was about to leave, her hostess telephoned her to cancel the appointment.

Knowing there was too much food for just her and her family, M had phoned a couple friends (me, as one!) to join her family for snacks.  Snacks!  It was more like a meal!  And, delicious, too!  Thank you, M.  It was such a pleasant surprise on a cold winter's Sunday, around suppertime!  I felt blessed.

In addition to being a sales representative for Epicure, M is also a licensed personal trainer, with workout equipment in her basement, that her clientele uses; her business is called Wanna Be Fit.  The programme is similar to the one Curves uses.

M and her husband married a year ago, after knowing each other for a few years.  Her first husband had been Muslim; with her background of being Catholic, for a time she had been Muslim, for she had to convert in order to be married to him.  In fact, for a time, she lived in Jordan.

Through this experience, my friend M had learned bellydancing.  Between exercise and bellydancing, she had lost a tremendous amount of weight.  So, even though she no longer needs to continue bellydancing as a business or for exercise, she still does a teacher, for it is excellent exercise for women.

Busy lady, wouldn't you say?!

I mentioned that I was looking for a pool to use, so I could return to working out in the pool, as I had done during the summertime.  Physical disability, coupled with a crippling arthritic condition, makes getting exercise for me, very difficult.

Once again, M encouraged me to come work out with her gym, so she could be my personal trainer.  I told her I would give it some thought and pray about it.

Until next time...

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