Monday, February 7, 2011


Monday evening, reality set in.  So did the pain!

In fact, I had such severe pain that I could hardly move around my apartment.  No, I don't mean muscle pain, like we all experience using muscles we haven't used for a while.  Everyone feels that.

The pain running from my back, down my legs was so severe, I could hardly walk.  I was concerned that I would once again experience such spasms, that I would be disabled by it.

I made sure I took Traumeel to give me some relief.  And rested. 

It was shocking that I didn't jump up out of bed through the night, with spasms.  But, I didn't.  In fact, not only did I sleep through the night (praise God!), but when I awoke, the pain had lessened.

While I still felt like I had a pulled muscle in one of my legs, and hurt in the other, the pain lessened by the time I was ready to leave for my next workout appointment.  Praise God!  I was determined to not let pain hold me back, from what I know I need to do.

Even so, I made sure M knew that I may or may not have been able to do as much effort-wise as I had the day before.

M was so good to me.  Patient.  Kind.  Loving.  Not to mention, helpful.

She had told me that in the beginning, she wanted to meet with me, alone.  This way she could monitor me, my ability and my improvement, without any distraction.  I'm grateful. 

Eventually, when I am stronger and more able to work out at a level of the average person, she will have me work out with one of her groups.

M told me I should go home directly and rest, letting me know that I should not have gone shopping afterwards, on Monday.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention this, didn't I?!

Well, I didn't go home to rest, for I still had a small amount of shopping to do.  I know that once I stop, I won't be able to move well, again for a while, so I went and did what I needed to do.

This took place Tuesday morning, not in the afternoon, as like Monday.  After which, I met my co-worker/friend C at Red Lobster for lunch.  Yes, this is the same person, who was ill last Friday and couldn't attend our work meeting luncheon, at my apartment.

We talked over some things that we needed to discuss, while we savoured our delectable meal.

Of course, one of my church sisters L, who works at Red Lobster said, 'hello', calling us double-trouble!  Double-trouble, indeed!  lol :-))

While I know L was only teasing, I truly hate eating out, with my real estate partner, or for any business appointment, for it seems I always meet up with people, who give me the impression they think I'm dining with a man in my life.  As though business is not the issue.  Even if it is not spoken, it is often inferred, with raised eye motions, etc., from those I have run into, in the past.

Lord, give me strength.  Even if I were to have a relationship with someone, it definitely wouldn't be with my real estate partner/friend C.  No offense intended, as you know, C.  He agrees with me; not only is he not a suitable mate for me, I am not for him.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

Until next time...

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