Sunday, February 20, 2011


Here's my friends J, J & B, after they blew out birthday candles!

When I left off writing yesterday, I mentioned I had been beginning to describe my evening.

After all three (3) friends J, B & J arrived, together we sat down for dinner, together.

For starters, I served veggies with dip, plus two (2) dishes of creamed cheese, each with a different jelly topping I purchased from my friend M, at her last Epicure party.  Yes, this is the same friend M, where I go to work out!

I was eager to see my friends' reaction to the appetizers, but wasn't surprised when they loved them!  Especially the jellied cream cheese dishes. 

At first, I wouldn't tell them what they were, for I was afraid if they knew, they wouldn't try them.  Eventually, I explained the red jelly topping was a Chili topping; they loved it!  When I explained the green jelly topping was a Jalapeno jelly, they were truly shocked, for it is not hot, but sweet!

Then came the cheese dip that I had baked in the oven.  Again, another taste of pure heaven, for all!

Okay.  I cheated on my diet, somewhat.  I had a little bit of the appetizers with my friends.  Sniff, sniff!  How could I not! :-))

That was the only cheating I did, though!  While my friends dined on regular food, I ate only what my diet called for, so hopefully, my cheating won't affect me, too much.

Seriously.  While I would like to have joined my friends in a delicous meal including chicken breasts stuffed with ham and swiss cheese, squash and baked potatoes, I stuck to my plain grilled chicken breast and squash.

Afterwards, I surprised all with cupcakes for dessert.  While cupcakes are not anything out of the ordinary, the two (2) candles in three cupcakes were a surprise for my friends.  One to wish them Happy Birthday! and one to wish them Good Luck!

Well, since J (who I see, regularly) is having a birthday next week and B is having a birthday at the beginning of March, I thought I would celebrate their special days.  Feeling badly that I hadn't celebrated my other friend J's birthday recently, I made sure we celebrated everyone's special day!

My friends wondered why there was no candles in my cupcake.  I explained that it was because it was a leftover and not meant for me to eat; therefore, no celebration for me!  Sticking true to my promise to myself to not eat dessert, I didn't.

None of my friends ate the extra cupcake, for everyone was too full.  J was going to take it home, but forgot to take it when she left.

I'll bet you're wondering if I splurged.  No, I didn't.  In fact, I knocked on my friend K's door across the hall and handed her the tasty treat.  Never for me to see it, again!

Until next time...

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