Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Once again, I slept well Tuesday night.  It must have been, because I was totally worn out, after exercising! 

Of course, the hum of the wind that blew around my building may have gently contributed to me falling asleep, the way music does for some people.

Yes, we received a major snowfall.  However, it wasn't as bad as originally anticipated.  Hopefully, this was due to prayer.  Mine and other people's.  I, for one, had been praying that the storm wouldn't be as severe as we were told to expect; praying that the storm would change direction or do whatever necessary, to lighten the result. 

It happened!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

Well, Wednesday was another first for me.  Here I thought I had completed all the firsts in my life, since Gordon died, but I guess not.  I'm wondering how many more there will be.

Knowing that one day I would have to do this, I had put it off.  In fact, to be truthful, I had hoped never to have to do this, but it came to pass.  As I knew in my heart it would have to, one day.

In our recent newsletter, distributed to all in our building, there was a notice that some people had items stored outside of their storage lockers.  Apparently, for the first time in years, the notice told all that if these items were not removed by an upcoming date, the items would be disposed of.

My first thought was that we don't have anything stored outside our storage locker.  But, then I realized that I really didn't know, because I had never been down to the basement, in this building.  Yes, you read correctly; I had never been downstairs to the basement, to our storage locker.  In four and a half (4 1/2) years!

Why?  Well, for starters, Gordon never wanted me to go down there, because the basement is only accessible by a very deep set of staircases.  Gordon knew I need a knee replacement done; he never wanted me to hurt myself, by climbing down and up the staircases.  He told me it was difficult for him, never mind, me. 

While we have three (3) elevators to service our building, there is no elevator to the basement.  Amazed?  Well, in Windsor, we are living in the only apartment building, on the waterfront.  Literally, on the edge of the Detroit River.

While I don't know for certain, I can only think that possibly not knowing for sure if the basement area would ever leak or fill with water, the city may not have wanted to issue a permit to allow the elevator to service the basement level. 

Or, the architect/developer may have decided to not take any chances, knowing that an elevator could possibly be damaged by water, if the elevator was taken downstairs to a flooded basement, wasn't out of the realm of possibility.

For whatever reason, my building was built without elevator service to the basement.  Now that it is known that the basement has never flooded, we should approach the board to research the possiblity of adding one!

Both my friend/neighbour K and I had decided to go to the basement, together.  Today, was the day.  Actually, it was a good day for me, because my gym workout at M's was cancelled for today, due to the storm.

Still, I didn't look forward to doing this.  This was just another reminder of Gordon and my loss.  I prayed for God to give me strength and composure.  He did.

Down we went.  K accessed her storage locker to obtain the items she knew she wanted to take upstairs.

In my case, I had to search to find my locker.  I had the locker number, but before Gordon died, he had hoped to obtain a larger locker; I didn't know whether this had been accomplished or not.  So, I wasn't sure if the locker number I had was the correct one.  But, it was.

Not only did I have my set of keys, but I brought Gordon's with me, too.  As it turned out, it was a good thing I had, because the only key for the lock, was on his key ring.

Wow!  When Gordon had told me he couldn't put in another item, I believed him, but it was sure shocking when I saw it for myself!

While I was glad nothing was stored outside the locker, I realized that I will have to make many trips downstairs, in the future. 

While we have volunteers to help out, if requested, I wouldn't want anyone to have to go through unpacking and repacking, just to get out things that I know are at the back of the locker.

Besides, I realize I need to clean out the locker, go through items stored there and dispose of items I no longer want to store.  After all, when we first moved into the building, we had never lived in an apartment, together.  We didn't know if we would like it, or stay.

However, now I know.  I'm here.  I enjoy living here.  It's time to think about cleaning out and reorganizing.  All I need is the ability, time and of course, desire...to physically tackle this!

Until next time...

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