Saturday, February 19, 2011


Being tired yesterday, didn't keep me from doing all I needed to do.

In addition to my normal stuff, I went to my friend M's and did my workout.  Exhausting as it is, I feel blessed being able to do this, at all!

Afterwards, I came home to shower and change, before heading out to my Chiropractor's for my adjustment.

By the time I arrived at Dr. Gemel's, I could hardly walk.  Last Friday, I was the same way.  I believe it might be that by the time I have worked out five (5) days in a row, the pain has caught up with me, to the point, where my body screams I've had enough! or I've had too much!

In any case, Dr. Gemel used his computerized system to see what was happening with my body.  The adjustments he did were more intense in my lower back area, in addition to my neck/shoulder adjustments, normally done.

I praise God and thank Jesus for Dr. Gemel and the measure of healing I have been receiving throughout the years of treatment.  Where would I be without this?!  Well, for sure, I would be as disabled as I was years ago!  Again, I must say that although I may not ever be fully healed and restored, I am grateful for the measure of healing You have given me through Dr. Gemel, Lord!

Dr. G was shocked I was able to do what I had been doing, but was glad to hear I had been able to work out.  He told me to continue doing what I am doing, as long as I am not doing too much.  Go at my own pace.  The same advice I receive from my friend M, where I go to work out.

Once I arrived home, I took something for pain and laid down for about a half (1/2) hour.  My body would have liked me to lay down for longer, even if I wasn't sleeping, but I knew I couldn't continue resting, as I was expecting company for dinner.

After getting up, I began setting the table for my guests and continued working on my preparations.

My friend J (who works at the cemetary) arrived first (1st), a half (1/2) hour early!  It was shocking to me, because she had told me she would probably be late.

Next, came my friend B, who I hadn't seen since before Christmas, when she went to Ottawa/Gatineau area for a few weeks.

Then, came my friend J, who I see fairly regularly.  Thank you for the beautiful flowers you brought me, J.  I sure wish she would stop doing this though.  It seems no matter how much I try to impress upon her that she needs to come to my home empty-handed, she does not.  Still, I thank you for your loving appreciation.

Since I'm growing weary, I won't tell you yet about our evening.  Hopefully, you'll once again join me and read tomorrow's entry.

Blessings to you!

Until next time...

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