Friday, January 28, 2011


As you know, I went to bed rather late, Monday night.  This made for a short night's sleep, because I had to be up early! 

First (1st) thing in the morning, after less than a handful of hours of sleep, I was up and out.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon how you look at the reason, it wasn't due to work.

Knowing that I had to do some grocery shopping and knowing I had a serious reason for wanting to see/speak with my daughter P, I spent the morning with her.

Actually, this is something we hadn't done since last June.

We didn't schedule our meeting for fun, though.  P had something happen to one of her sons that was of major concern.

You may already know part of what I am about to say.  My daughter P's son Z (my grandson!) has a disability.

When Z was little, he went through much testing, because it was thought that he might be autistic.  Eventually, it was determined that Z is not autistic, but rather extremely hyperactive.  Consequently, Z is taking much medication.

In addition, Z has another problem.  He has Tourette Syndrome.

For those who don't know about Tourette Syndrome, here is a link to learn more:

Being 10 years old and having Tourette Syndrome, isn't fun.  Being ridiculed daily, isn't fun.  Having tics that you can't control, isn't fun.

Being shoved by other kids, isn't fun.  Being laughed at, falsely accused and mocked, isn't fun.

It makes me feel badly for Z.  He doesn't deserve to be abused, this way.  Z is a loving boy, always ready to give me a hug and a kiss.  Always ready to help in any way he can.  It breaks my heart that Z's short life has been so tough.

The medications he takes nearly puts his Mom around the bend, at times. 

Can you imagine having a child, whose medication keeps him up half the night?  Can you imagine having a child who doesn't want to eat and is not gaining the proper amount of weight?

Can you imagine having to deal with a child with all these problems and more?  Like having a child with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Can you imagine serving a meal to your child, who won't eat it, because the various types of food on the plate is touching each other?  Can you imagine not being able to serve a casserole to your child, because the various items that make up the casserole are touching each other?

Now, Z's tics have changed from just being annoying to others.  He has now begun to repeat, three (3) times, things other people say.

Other children sometimes think Z is being sarcastic or rude.  The truth is by far, opposite.  He has not been able to control himself, even with medications.  And, to make matters worse, stress brings episodes on and makes them more severe.

Last year, before things had developed to today's severity, there was such a problem that P obtained a DVD explaining Tourette Syndrome.  Last year's Principal showed the DVD to students in the auditorium, because apparently Z is not the only student with this disability.

This year's school representatives have not been as supportive.  Consequently, fellow students and teachers have not been fully informed about Z and the symptms he is experiencing.

His teacher has not been supportive and has caused much stress for my daughter and my grandson.  But, what happened the other day was the icing on the cake.

Because Z's symptoms have worsened, the school has refused to assist my grandson, when he is abused by others.  P was at the school again, on Monday. 

While there, P saw for herself, a mother of a classmate of Z's ridicule and threaten Z for repeating something he heard someone say, telling him to stay away from her son, or there would be trouble.  This mother's son had, just moments earlier, pushed my grandson down the staircase and threatened him with violence.

What was done about this, by the school?  Nothing.

I have to give my daughter credit, for being a loving and understanding mom, who won't give up.  There are times when I wonder how she does it.  How she manages to not lose her mind, or her life (Lupus can kill).

Purely by coincidence, Z's medical appointment was the same day, so after school P took Z to see the specialist who treats him.  The physician changed Z's meds.  Hopefully, this will help him be able to somewhat control some of the effects of Tourette's.

Dear Heavenly Father,  I come to You on bended knee in a special way for my grandson Z.  Father, You alone know the plans You have for us, plans to help us and not harm us, to give us hope and a future.  Father, You know the trauma Z experiences daily, due to his disability.  You are the Great Physician, for whom all things are possible.  I come to you, asking in the name of Jesus, that it is Your will to take control of this situation and provide for both Z and his mom, my daughter P.  Father, not only does Z need healing, by medications or through Your own miraculous touch, but Lord, my daughter P needs healing, as well.  As You know, P has Lupus and is not supposed to be stressed, for it causes her own condition to worsen.  Meanwhile, Lord...she has two (2) other hyperactive and hard to control sons, including one who cannot take medication for his condition, due to having a heart problem that he will need surgery for, when he is old enough.  Nothing is impossible for You.  I am trusting that it is Your will to provide for all who need it, in this circumstance.  And, I am thanking you in advance for this.  In Jesus' name I pray.  Amen.

If you believe in prayer, please pray.  I thank you and pray God will bless you.

Until next time...

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