Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleep? Or Read? That's the Question!

As I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I went to bed exhausted, Saturday night.  It's just too bad I didn't stay asleep!

Waking about 2:00 am, I just could not get back to sleep.  Eventually, I got up and read for a while.  No, I didn't continue reading my Bible, as I had before going to sleep for what I thought would be for the night.

Instead, I read a book I bought myself, for Christmas.  Sounds rather silly, doesn't it?!  Buying myself something for Christmas, I mean.

Actually, other than forcing myself to finish a book I had been in the process of reading at the time of Gordon's collapse, just over 15 months ago, I haven't really read a book for fun.  Only for work or out of necessity.

The book I bought myself for Christmas was by Sue Grafton, entitled, "U is for Undertow".

I had seen the book at Shoppers' Drug Mart, while buying some things I needed.  This is not something I would normally do.  In fact, this was the first (1st) time I had done this, in years.  Maybe even...ever.

Oh, I've read other books written by Sue Grafton, author of what some people call the 'alphabet mysteries'.

The first one I read was, "M is for Murder".  Years ago, Gordon brought it back for me from the library, because he knew I was taking an English course, needed to read a book and do a report and he decided I would probably enjoy the book.  Yes, I did!

At the time when this happened, I dreaded having to read a book, for my eyesight was still unstable at that time.  In fact, due to the problems I experienced with my eye, until that time, I hadn't read any books for pleasure, only what I needed to do for work, or education.

Gordon had been right!  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  In fact, so much so, that he made sure he bought me every book in the series.  And, continued to do so, until we moved into the apartment.  Needing to downsize, I errantly disposed of the books.  Now that he's gone, I wish I had held on to them.

So, when I saw Sue Grafton's latest addition to her library of literary accomplishments, I bought it.  Actually, it wasn't as easy as it sounds.

I stood there, looking at the book.  Picking it up, I decided to buy it.  Then, I placed it back on the shelf, for at the time, I had thoughts running through my head about Gordon buying these books for me.  Realizing that he would never again buy a book for me, I placed my tears away once more and bought the book.

It took until well after the new year, before I began reading.  As with all books I enjoy, I just did not want to put it down, but forced myself on at least a couple of occasions.

Saturday night, or maybe I should say, early Sunday morning, I finished reading the book.  Yup, this had been another first in my life, without Gordon.  Can you imagine?  Even after all this time, I'm still experiencing firsts, after Gordon's death.

If you have never read any in the series Sue Grafton has written, you may want to do so.  I call her writing, 'easy-to-read'.  The storyline is usually simple, non-complicated, but interesting.  She manages to keep readers interested.  At least, she does, me! 

Should you decide to read one novel, you need to know you don't have to begin with the first one entitled, "A is for Alibi", for each book is independant of each other.  However, the character does build as time goes by.  My personal opinion is that just as is the case with most writers, Sue's writing improved over time.  In any case, enjoy!

Eventually, I got to sleep for a short while.  Believe me, I knew I would be tired Sunday!

Until next time...

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