Monday, January 3, 2011

Should I? Shouldn't I?

Before I write about anything else, I have to praise and thank God once again, for the amazing Christmas He blessed me with. Considering Gordon wasn't with me, it turned out to be the best Christmas I could have dreamed of.

Praise God! Thank You, Jesus!  Hopefully, you read my Christmas entries and shared in my joy and happiness, for I believe I could not have been more blessed.

Once again, I'm rather behind in telling you about my comings and goings over the last couple of weeks.  Well, okay.  You know about my Christmas, but that's about all!  I'll try to bring you up to speed.

Unlike most of you, I didn't have any Christmas tree or decorations to worry about packing up and storing, for I didn't use any at all, again this year.  Although, if I had decorated with a tree etc., it would still be up until after January 6th; it's just the way I always celebrated.

Of course, I didn't just lie around; I did stuff, too!

Before Christmas, I only vaguely mention about how on Wednesday, December 22nd, I had been invited over to my injured-worker friend M's home.  You may recall that M is getting married in May; I will be singing at her wedding.  Well, there was more to be said, so I thought I'd write a little more about the experience.

Well, Wednesday was the date M set up to get together with a couple friends to work on making up the favours for her wedding shower, coming up shortly.  One friend worked on part of the project at home, because she couldn't make it.  However, I showed up and so did M's friend L.

M planned to have dinner for us, so I made sure to bring dessert.  But, dessert wasn't the best part of the meal, for M served salad and a wonderful pasta dish that was so very delicious!  It was truly unnecessary to have us over for dinner before working on our project, but it sure was appreciated.  Thank you, M!

The three of us chatted and time just seemed to fly, especially while we worked on our project!

After L left, M and I discussed personal issues.  Girl talk.  We talked about things in our lives, like the fact that she had found family. 

I discussed the fact that I have a sibling overseas; a child my Dad fathered, while overseas during WW2.  Before he met and married my Mom, after the war. 

Please realize that only after visiting N. Ireland for the first time, did I begin to suspect I had a sibling, there.  Eventually, it was confirmed and I determined it is a sister I have, there.  Unfortunately, today is not the day to write about the details of this issue and how I found out.  This is a topic for some time in the future!

While I don't really know for sure who my sister is, I suspect that I have found her and have even had contact with her. 

Remember, I said suspect I have found my sister; I don't know for sure.  One thing I have been praying about though, is if I should on my next visit to N. Ireland, have a heart-to-heart conversation with whom I suspect is my sister.  My half-sister.

Will she agree to have a DNA test done?  I don't know.  Only God knows.  Time will tell.

The major concern I have about this, is that currently we have a good relationship.  I truly don't want to disturb this. 

However, if she is truly my half-sister, I would like to know.  The real question is whether or not she would want to know.

If you know me, or have read LwL as a regular reader, you'll know that I haven't had the best of relationships with family.  Part of me doesn't want to disturb this relationship, as it stands.

Hopefully, she won't think I've lost my mind.  Hopefully, she would be receptive to me, hearing me out, while I state my case and explain how I came to this conclusion.

Hopefully, she won't throw me out and tell me she never wants to speak with me, again.

I guess you can tell, I need wisom and guidance, not just on how to handle this situation, but mainly upon whether or not I should open up my heart and possibly open up our lives.

After all, the outcome might be good.  But, the outcome could just as easily be a disaster. 

Please pray for me, regarding this situation.  I appreciate your prayer; thank you.  Know that I praise God for you, daily.

Oh, one last thing.  If you don't mind taking the time, I would appreciate hearing your feelings about whether or not I should approach the woman I believe is my sister.  Thank you.  Blessings...

Until next time...

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