Saturday, January 29, 2011


Wow!  I know it's Saturday, but I would like to catch you up on my week.

Wednesday was a very boring day.  I worked from home, like normal.  In addition, I finished my bookkeeping, so I could remit my HST for the last quarter of 2010.  Yes; I remitted.  Uncomfortable as I felt, I did it through internet, as required now.

Phew!  Glad that's done!

Thursday, I was again feeling improved after being sick, although I just cannot seem to get rid of what I call a 'surface' cough.  Hopefully, this will be gone, soon.

In any case, since I didn't believe I was any longer contagious and was feeling well enough, I did some shopping and errands on my way to Bible study and prayer, at my church.

In my late afternoon travels, I also dropped by to visit my church-sister L, as we had prearranged.  L is my friend whose husband died a couple of months ago.  She was feeling rather lonely and was recovering from medical treatment, so I brought an early supper with me.

We had a nice visit, together.  Murphy was alive and well, for L.  After being alone and not seeing anyone for days, many people dropped by to see L, during our visit.  Isn't that just how dear old Murphy works?!  The main thing is that God answered her prayer, about being alone.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

I'm not sure that people truly understand how difficult it is to lose a loved one. 

L's relationship with her husband was very much like mine was with Gordon.  She knew her husband had a brain condition and that he wasn't always accepted by others.  In fact, she married him knowing this.  Still, their love flourished.  They were soul-mates, she told me.

She understood him and loved him.  For better or for worse.  Like I did, Gordon.

The for worse is what most people remember, sometimes.  Only the soul-mate remembers the for better part of the relationship.  At least this is what I have found, in my experience.

L felt the same way, I did.

It's unfortunate that people aren't more supportive, generally.  L told me that other than her cousin and I, no one from our church family has visited her, since she became a widow.

This may sound terrible, what I am about to say.  Please realize I am not putting anyone down; I am not attempting to hurt anyone.  This is not my objective.  Truly, what I am about to say, is just a comment, meant to show people that this truly happens.

I believe she was shocked when I told her it was the same for me.  Oh yes, my single and/or married friends visited and includeded me, in the beginning.  They lifted me up and encouraged me.  Yes; I am truly thankful for them. 

However, not once did I get a call from anyone from my church family who was widowed; nor did I receive any phone calls from anyone I knew who was widowed.  Not once.

Well, there was one exception; sort of.  My friend M, whose first (1st) husband died of cancer.  However, I must say that she has since remarried, so I do not consider her a current widow.  So, I will once again say that I received a total of zero (0) calls from any widows, after Gordon died.  He died 15 1/2 months ago.

Since there's much more that needs to be said concerning this, I hope you'll be patient with me, as I will continue this, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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