Sunday, January 2, 2011


Last night, I had a terrible sleep.  After about two (2) hours of sleep, I woke up.  The worst part was I couldn't get back to sleep. 

After laying in bed awake for about an hour, I got up from my bed and went to the livingroom to try to relax, because by this time, I was getting annoyed with myself!

In the livingroom, I caught up on e-mail and read Friday, December 31st, 2010's newspaper that I hadn't had time to read.  Of course, I always leave the best parts for last:  the puzzles!

Wow!  I could not believe what I did!  Can you imagine being up in the middle of the night and completely solving the Sudoku, Cryptoquote, Crossword, Wonderword and KenKen puzzles!  I couldn't imagine doing this, but I did!

Even when I returned to bed, I found it hard to go back to sleep.  Needless to say, it was close to morning when I finally drifted off, once again.  Then came the worst part.  I slept through my alarm! 

How on earth did I do this!  I must have been so-o tired that I reached over and shut off my alarm, for I recall it attempting to wake me, but I didn't get up!

Then, my Lord woke me! 

I looked at the clock and nearly had heart-failure!  He gave me the grace to be able to get up, get ready and get going, quickly.  I even arrived at church a few minutes earlier than I expected.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

I was truly grateful for not missing church, today.  After all, it's not only my Lord's day, but it is also the first Sonday of 2011!  Being the first Sunday of January, it was our day to celebrate Communion! 

If you've been a regular reader, you'll know that I truly enjoy Communion Sunday's services.  Today, was no different! 

While exiting the sanctuary, a friend of mine commented that they knew I hadn't slept well.  At first, I was puzzled.  They quickly told me they saw the time on the e-mail I had sent them.  Ah!  See!  I can't get away with anything, these days!

After church, I did a quick errand, then stopped at my friends M & D's home for a moment, to drop off something to them.  Then, off to the cemetary I went.

I didn't stay long at Gordon's grave.  It was so-o cold today, and the wind was blowing so strong, that I thought I'd freeze to death, at the cemetary.  Well, I suppose if I had, it would have been a good place, for I was where my body will rest after my death!

This afternoon, I did something I rarely do.  I had a nap.

Yes, I was tired.  Exhausted, actually.  It didn't take long for me to drift off; in fact, I think I was asleep before my head hit my pillow! 

Even though I had set my alarm for three-quarters of an hour (45 minutes), I awoke on my own before my alarm went off.  Ah, rest!  Glorious rest!  Hopefully, it won't disturb my sleep, tonight.

Now, it's evening.  I'm watching Poirot:  Third Girl on CBC, while I am writing this entry.  Once I'm finished, I'm going to just relax and take it easy. 

Hmmm...maybe I'll treat my feet to some relaxation, too!

Until next time...

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