Monday, January 17, 2011

Only God Knows!

Me...many moons ago!

Thursday night, I went to bed about 11:30 pm.

By this time, my chest felt as if the vice-like tightness was easing up.  My lungs felt like the congestion was breaking up.  It seemed that just as I had experienced in the past, my ears, throat and sinus were once again being affected, as my lungs were improving.  Very normal, for me.

By the time I hit the hay, I was good and tired.  Worn out.  Exhausted.  I expected to be asleep, quickly.

Instead, I laid awake and couldn't sleep.  The noise just wouldn't allow me to drift off into never-never-land.  What noise, you ask?  The constant wheezing that would probably sound quieter to someone dropping by to listen, than to me, for the sound resonated through my body and into my brain.  Not to mention, the coughing that refused to stop!

It was about 6:30 am Friday, when I finally caught 40 winks.

Believe me, it was truly only about 40 winks.  Well, okay.  Two (2) hours, to be exact, before I was up for the day.

Even though I was still feeling sick, I knew I was improving, for my lungs felt like the congestion was still breaking up and I wasn't coughing as much or as deeply. 

Headache had returned, along with the ears, throat and sinus problem, but this time, my sinus was running.  A good sign!

A couple of friends have asked me why even a cold virus would attack my lungs so severely.  I can't really say.  It may be due to the state of my weakened immune system.  Or, as I thought about mid-day, it may be due to something that weakened my lungs as a toddler.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this or not, but when I was not quite three (3) years old, my parents had some friends from out-of-town, visit with us.  As the friends were leaving, they needed to get gasoline, so my parents took me and my brother to the corner gas station.

I can clearly recall playing with the smaller Coke bottles that people used to obtain from a cooler.  When empty, the bottles would be placed in a rack, to be picked up at a later time from the distributor.

Somehow, I got mixed up and drank some fluids from other bottles stored in the rack.  I recall my parents later taking me to the hospital, where my stomach was pumped.  It seemed that what I had ingested was gasoline and brake fluid. 

How these fluids got in the supposedly empty pop bottles, I don't know.  I can only presume that mechanics working and draining fluids from vehicles, had used some of the bottles for their own purposes and had forgotten to empty/clean them, before placing them back into the rack.

As a child, I had Bronchitis every winter; sometimes lasting all winter.  As an adult, I read that it was not only lucky I hadn't died from the experience, but that fumes from petrol based products can also cause lung problems and the pumping of my stomach, other organ weaknesses.  Of course, we Christians know that nothing happens by accident; God obviously meant for me to survive.

Still, I wonder if this is why I get so severely sick, with even just a cold virus.  Hmmm...another case of only God knows!

In the afternoon, I made myself something to eat.  Don't laugh.  I know I said I didn't want to see another bowl of chicken soup, but guess what I had?  You guessed it!  Chicken soup.  Well, it does have healing properties! 

In addition though, I actually ate food, too.  I thoroughly enjoyed a toasted tomato sandwich, with Miracle Whip, salt and pepper!  Thank You Father, for helping me feel improved.

Now, even though I'm still sick, I do believe I'm on the way to feeling better.  To recovery.  Hmmm...this kind of reminds me of a song.  On The Road, Again...

Until next time...

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