Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not 1, Not 2, But 3!

Tuesday, was quite a day!

Even though I slept well and awoke before my alarm decided to wake me, I arose rather tired.  Still, I got myself up and running, doing what I needed to do.

By lunchtime, I was so-o tired I actually laid down for about half (1/2) an hour.  While I didn't sleep, I did rest.  Boy, did I need it!  This surprises me, because I am taking my vitamins and doing what I can to stay healthy.

Truly, I wasn't looking forward to the afternoon.  I'm sure if you were me, you wouldn't have felt any differently.  You see, I had to visit at three (3) funeral homes!

Today, was visitation for three (3) people that I either knew well or was close to a member of the family.  Had all three (3) been located at one funeral home, it wouldn't have been so bad, but they weren't.

First, I headed out to a funeral home located only a few minutes from where I live.  Upon arriving, the family wasn't yet ready for visitors.  After finding out the visitation time was different than what I thought, I quickly left and headed east to Belle River, about a half (1/2) hour drive from where I was.

In Belle River, I was able to visit with a Christian friend D, who is a fellow who regularly attends Christian Singles' Cafe on the first (1st) Friday of each month.  D is legally blind and doesn't get out much.  I knew it was important for me to visit with him and his family, as his Mom had died.  We all need support when we lose loved ones.  My heart breaks for D.  He needs all the love and support he can receive, especially with his disability.  Please pray for him.  Thank you.  May God bless you, for this.

My next stop was south of Windsor, along Hwy #3, next to where my Gordon is buried.  Gordon's (& my) granddaughter A's (step) grandpa J, died.  Unfortunately, J had Alzheimer's disease and had been hospitalized for months. 

Before Christmas, I had visited J in hospital, but he was sleeping when I arrived.  Not knowing how he would react if he was startled awaking and seeing me standing there by his bedside, I tried to not wake him, but left a card for him as I quietly exited J's room.

J's wife A, is granddaughter A's maternal grandma.  I've known A for about 25 years or so.  Since before granddaughter A was born.

My heart breaks for granddaughter A, for it isn't easy losing a grandparent, but even more so for grandma A. 

Being widowed myself, I know how difficult losing a husband can be.  However, before granddaughter A was born, grandma A's first (1st) husband died.  She was widowed; within a few years, she remarried. 

A's marriage to J was a good one, so I know she'll be heartbroken once again.  Please pray for both A's.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

Then, I made my way back towards home, to the funeral home I first (1st) visited, for visitation was now in progress. 

A fellow Realtor/friend G's wife E died.  In the past, I had prayed for E, as she battled cancer.  Unfortunately, the battle was lost New Year's Eve.  My heart breaks for G, for I know he truly loved his wife, E.  E's suffering may be over, but I know for a fact, that G's suffering will continue on.  Please pray for him and his family.  Thank you.  May God bless you, for this.

By the time I arrived home, my heart was filled with sorrow and I was in tears.  I don't believe anything more needs to be said.

Until next time...

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