Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jack & Jill!

Saturday wasn't a rest day for me.  In fact, I had to be up early.

Not only was Saturday my friend M's birthday (Happy Birthday!), but it was also the day of her wedding shower, to be held at a local restaurant.

The invitation time read 10:30 am until 2:00 pm. 

Being up early, I thought I left in plenty of time to arrive as per when I was to be there, but once again, I misjudged the driving time I needed to allow.

As I approached the restaurant, I once again prayed God would provide a parking spot for me, thinking the small restaurant parking lot would be full.  Surprise!  Not only was the lot not full, it was rather...empty.

My first thought was that I read the invitation time, incorrectly.  After checking it once more, I knew I had not.

After parking, I carried into the restaurant, my birthday gift for M and the shower gift for her and her fiance, P.  Yes, this was to be a 'Jack & Jill' shower!  In fact, my first.  Oh, in the past, I had been invited to other 'Jack & Jill' gatherings, usually held at a bar, but hadn't been able to attend.

If you think I was shocked seeing an almost empty parking lot, I was.  The restaurant in question would normally be closed at this time, but made special provision to open, just for the shower. 

What was even more shocking was finding out there was only a couple of other people in attendance, who arrived about the same time I did.

It was most shocking to see the future bride and groom had not yet arrived.

Slowly, over approximately the next hour, more people arrived.  Finally, the guests of honour!

A relative of the groom to be worships at my church.  His wife had to work, so he came alone to the shower alone and sat beside me.  We both agreed it was good to know someone there, other than the guests of honour!

M's (step) Father was seated across the table from me.  At first conversation was light and sparse, until I asked him if he was a 'believer'; if he was saved.  M's Dad said he was!  After that, converstion flowed like a river.

Eventually, all arrived.  By this time, the restaurant was formally opened for business.  My church friend said grace...giving thanks to God for what He had provided for us, before our group enjoyed a delicious meal, together.

Then, came the fun of opening gifts.  I believe M & P were happy with all gifts, gratefully received.  While this is a second marriage for the happy couple, it's always nice to have some nice, new things with which to begin married life together.

Arriving home, I realized I couldn't rest.  I still had to do some telephoning for Pastor B, of the small church group I help with from time to time.

Calls made, I finally relaxed for a time, before heading to bed, earlier than normal, rather exhausted.

Until next time...

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