Monday, January 24, 2011

Housekeeping With Movies!

While I wrote yesterday about personal info, I never really told you anything about my weekend!

As you know, I slept in on Saturday.  Once I was up and running, I decided there was something I needed to do.  Some computer housekeeping.  Clearing out my g-mail INBOX!

My g-mail INBOX had over 1,500 messages in it!  My personal account, I mean.  In case you didn't realize, I have a business account, a blog account and my personal account.  The other two (2) are up-to-date and are just fine the way they are.

The worst part is that I had already reviewed each and every message, at the time I received them.  Knowing I wanted to use some of them, file some away and discard many, I didn't look forward to the task.

I'm kicking myself for not sorting and cleaning out, at the time I received these messages.  Believe me, it was a daunting task, that took several hours to go through everything, for I had to review each message one at a time, all over again.  Lord, please don't let me get behind like this, again!

The good news is that on Saturday, there were good movies on television.  On THIS (Detroit), channel 4.2 or 13, to be exact.  THIS is a digital channel that shows mostly movies, but also some old tv shows.

To be honest, this is the first (1st) time I've watched this station since Gordon died.  He loved watching this station, because he loved watching the movies.  Some new, some old.  Before Saturday, I just couldn't bring myself to even turn on the station. 

To some people, I suppose this sounds silly, especially since Gordon died over 15 months ago.  But to me, it was like dishonouring him, for watching without Gordon.  Until this weekend, that is.  I suppose it's just all part of grief.  Trying to sort out feelings and create a new life.

It had been a long time since I had seen a Bob Hope movie, but Saturday was Bob Hope Film Festival day.  It should be simple to guess what I watched!

The four (4) Bob Hope films I watched were:

*  I'll Take Sweden

*  Boy, Did I Get A Wrong Number!

*  The Facts Of Life

*  Alias Jesse James

Watching comedy movies isn't hard to take.  In fact, it was a rather enjoyed the afternoon and evening. 

Since I wasn't quite finished my computer housekeeping, I decided to watch the movie that was aired after the Bob Hope films. 

The Man In The Moon was the last movie I watched, Saturday.

Not only was I movied out by then, but this last film was not a comedy.  It was a drama.  With a very sad ending.  Actually, by the time it ended, I was not only glad, but feeling rather sad.

While it might not seem like I did much, it sure was a busy, hard-working day, for me!  All in all, it was a rather melancholy day, too.  Happy, yet sad.  Fun, yet tiring. 

Until next time...

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