Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happiness and Peace!

If you read yesterday's entry, you'll know that I was so-o very happy about having been able to spend an evening with four (4) of my eight (8) grandchildren.  Thank You, Lord!

It's only been recently that I've been able to do this.  In fact, it was the first (1st) time ever, that my daughter P allowed me to spend time alone with her two (2) youngest sons.  In the past, she always felt like it would be too much for me, because they are extremely hyper-active boys.

To be honest, I could not have been more proud of them.  Of all of my grandsons.  No running, teasing, pushing, yelling, arguing, or trouble between them.  They were polite and courteous.  They were perfect gentlemen.  I was glad, especially since their Mom told them that if they didn't behave, they would never go with me anywhere, again!  lol

Now, I suppose this means I can look forward to spending more time with my grandchildren!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

When I wrote my entry last evening, I was so-o tired.  Totally worn out.  In fact, I thought I would head to bed, immediately upon shutting my computer down.  This didn't happen.

My phone rang and I ended up having a conversation that lasted about an hour.  By then, I was wide awake, once again.

It was actually good that I felt wide awake again, because it gave me time to do more reading in my Bible.  When I pick up my Bible tonight, I will begin reading in Deuteronomy 12.

Every year, I try to read through the complete Bible.  For many years now, I've accomplished this, with the exception of 2009.  The year that was so-o very stressful with Gordon. 

Between the trials of life, his illness, his being hospitalized in the Spring and his collapsing in October, which led to his death eight (8) days later, I fell behind in my reading.

Then, after Gordon died, I did read my Bible, but I just could not catch up.  Within a couple of months, my grief was so-o deep that I just couldn't even bring myself to read my Bible.  This continued for a couple of months.  Eventually, once I passed over Christmas and New Year's, I was able once again to read God's word.  So, I continued on in 2010, from where I left off in 2009.

January 1st this year, I once again began reading in Genesis.  Although I never really keep track, I do believe that I am ahead of schedule in my reading of God's word.  That's good.  This way, if circumstances arise that might prevent me from being able to read regularly, I won't be falling behind.

I enjoy reading my Bible at bedtime.  This way, I can meditate on God's word, as I fall asleep.

Climbing into bed, I thought I wouldn't have any trouble getting to sleep, but I was wrong.  It was about 2:00 am before I drifted off.  It wasn't due to coughing, because I was hardly coughing at all. 

Once I was asleep, I slept well.  It was truly peaceful and relaxing, for about eight (8) hours.  Which means I slept in!  'Til 10:00 am!  Oooooeeee!

Okay.  You probably guessed it.  I'm praying for an instant replay, when I can afford the time to sleep in!

Until next time...

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