Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cure for Cabin Fever?!

January is famous for it.  I've got it.  No, I don't mean an illness.  Well, maybe it could be considered that by some, but truly it is not.

Cabin fever.  That's what I am referring to!

Usually, I am a busy person.  Gordon used to complain at times, that I was always on the go.  There were times when he felt I should slow down and enjoy life, more.

For a partially-disabled person, I sure got around.  At times, there didn't seem like there was enough hours in the day.  This year, it's been absolutely different, for as you know I have been sick.

Being sick means that I not only have to rest, in order to promote healing, but means that I don't get out.  Anywhere.  For any reason.  Lord!  Give me strength, please!

Being like this, feels almost abusive.  After all, I am used to going out and about, daily.  Not to mention that I sometimes feel like I am living in a jail cell, since there is no one here to share life with.  This is my tenth (10th) day of being ill.  And, I'm tired of it.

The good news is I actually went out, today!  Yay!  No, not for fun or work, because this gut-wrenching coughing is still continuing.  I went to see my Chiropractor.  Hopefully, this was my cure for cabin fever!

Yesterday, I remembered I was scheduled for my treatment.  Knowing I was sick, I thought I should call and cancel my appointment.  I had the phone in my hand and even dialed the number.  Then, I hung up.

A thought crossed my mind.  I recalled being sick on another occasion, when I was scheduled for treatment and cancelled.  When I did see my Chiropractor, he suggested I might want to not cancel next time, for he believed that he could have given me treatment that would help me heal, quicker.

Okay.  At first thought, someone (like maybe yourself) who has never had chiropractic care, may think this is a come-on.  Many years ago, I found out it is not.

You see, I lived in Brampton years ago.  At the time, I was suffering from severe Migraines.  In fact, both the hospital and my family doctor had told me I had to get the stress out of my life that was contributing to the problem.  Eventually, I did. 

That is not something I wish to discuss, here.  Except to say that a friend took me to Dr. Singleton, who treated me for Migraines.  He explained that when I have treatment, usually the migraine will end, sooner.

Think it didn't help?  If you think this, you'd be wrong.  It did help.  I went from having Migraines for a week or more at a time, to having them only for a day or two.

Eventually, I found a cure. Whiplash!  Don't laugh.  Since I was in that bus/truck collision in 1980, I can count on one hand, using less than all my fingers, how many Migraines I have had.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

So, recalling that Dr. Gemel told me eons ago that chiropractic treatment may help me get over being ill sooner, and since I am currently ill at the time of my appointment, I decided to go and have my treatment.

Dr. Gemel didn't do all my regular adjustments, but modified my treatment, to include adjustments that would help clear my lungs, so I can heal, quicker.

Time will tell.  If God wills it to be, I will be healed, quickly.  Thank you for prayer.  Keep well.  Blessings to you. 

Until next time...

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