Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chicken Soup!

As you may have read, I've been sick, recently.

Not really a flu.  More like a cold, gone awry.  Most people get a cold, they feel yuchy, their head aches and their sinus' are sometimes affected.  After all, a cold is a virus, too.

Not so with me.  As I've mentioned previously, if I catch a cold, it doesn't work that way.

Well, I should qualify this.  Up until Gordon got sick to the point where I was under tremendous stress, the vitamins I took helped me tremendously.  In fact, I rarely got sick, anymore.  Ever.

Before I began taking these vitamins, was a different story.  There were times when I was tired of being sick a half (1/2) dozen times per year or more.  With them, I rarely became ill.  In fact, I can recall being so-o very happy one time, when I got a cold and it stayed a cold and actually disappeared within a couple of days!

I've read many times that stress affects people's immune system.  Well, for sure, it's affected mine.  So has Diabetes and Ankylosing Spondylitis. 

Oh well.  God's will is always done.  Hopefully, His will is for me to have an improved immune system, soon.  Of course, this would probably mean that my life will improve, so there is less stress.  Hmmm...I could learn to like this!

The worst part of being ill this week, hasn't just been that I have felt horrible, physically.  The worst part, is that I feel like I have accomplished...nothing.  I feel this way, because it's true.  I've accomplished nothing.

Wednesday, I was supposed to take my friend M for an errand she couldn't do on her own.  In addition, I was supposed to attend a mass (church service) with her at her church.  The church where she will be married in May.  The church where I will be singing.

Yes, my friend M is Catholic.  She has worshipped with other church groups, including a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching group, where she learned that she was saved alone, through faith alone, in Christ, alone.  Even though M feels this way, she eventually returned to the Catholic church. 

Yes, I felt badly I couldn't attend, with M.  I know it would have made her very happy.  However, I am not like that.  I wouldn't want to infect anyone else; besides, when sick, I need to rest to recover, as quickly as possible.

To make matters worse, M's daughter is resting at home, trying to stay healthy, so she can have her much-needed heart surgery January 25th, in London, Ontario, Canada.  Please keep M's daughter N, in prayer.  Thank you; may God bless you. 

I wouldn't want to pass this virus along to N, or anyone else.  I know how hard it is to fight off viruses, with a compromised immune system, as hers would be, too.

Thursday is usually my evening to attend Bible study and prayer, at my church.  I'm sorry to say, I couldn't go, for I was still too sick.

Even though I felt improved somewhat, due to the fact that my sinus' were more clear, my rib cage was hurting so much and feeling so tight, like I was being crushed, that it made it difficult to breathe or cough.  Forget coughing.  It felt like I was going to collapse, when I actually did cough!

My neighbour/friend K called me before she was leaving to go out of town for a couple of days.  Even though I told her I was okay, that there was nothing I needed, she would not listen.  Sure enough, I opened my door to see two (2) cans of chicken noodle soup waiting there for me.  Thank you, K.  You are always such a blessing to me.  May God bless you and provide you with travelling mercies, on your trip.

Chicken soup!  I love it!  I hardly ever eat it.  Why?  Well, it seems that whenever I get sick, I know I need chicken soup.  So do my friends. 

So, just like what's happened recently, with my friends bringing me various forms of chicken soup, I tend to eat a lot of it, when I'm sick.  So much so, that once I recover from being ill, I just cannot bring myself to eat another bowl, for a very long time.  Usually, until I am sick again, another time!

Still, I am grateful for the love and support I have received.  Thank you, all!  May God bless each of you. 

I must let you know however, that if I ever see another bowl of chicken noodle soup, it will be too soon!

Until next time...

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