Monday, January 31, 2011

Change of Plan...

Last Friday was a day I had planned to have some company for lunch.

My friend K across the hall, doesn't mind joining in a business meeting-type luncheon, so I had invited her, my co-worker/friend P and my real estate partner/friend, C.  You may recall that C kind of likes K, even if the relationship hasn't progressed.

Thursday night was one night when I just couldn't sleep.  In fact, I only had about four (4) hours sleep that night.  Consequently, I arose Friday feeling very tired.  However, I made good use of my time, when I couldn't sleep.

In the middle of the night, I set the table and began preparing for the luncheon I was hosting.

First thing in the morning, my co-worker/friend P called me.  She had to cancel out, because she hadn't realized a neighbour had died and their funeral was Friday morning.  I agreed with her that she needed to attend the funeral.  We could have a meeting another day, soon.

Then, to my surprise, my phone rang once again.  It was my real estate partner/friend C, calling to let me know that he was sick and would not be able to make the luncheon meeting.

Actually, I felt really bad for C, because he has been rather ill off and on, lately.  In fact, on two (2) occasions he was hospitalized, recently.  Before ending our conversation, I let C know that I would be praying for him, to recover quickly.

Part of me felt badly that my business meeting luncheon was not going to take place.  But, I was happy my friend K was still going to join me for lunch!

I was truly happy K didn't cancel out, because I made potato salad, just for her; it's one of her favourites.  In addition, I had originally planned on serving sandwiches, shrimp, salad and soup.  Both K and I agreed we would be happy enjoying just shrimp, salad, potatoe salad and bread for our meal, so that's what we enjoyed, together.  Well, okay; we also didn't resist savouring some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, for dessert!  Mmmm...

While my luncheon didn't turn out to be a business meeting, we sure did have a good time, together!  All in all, K spent about three and a half (3 1/2) hours with me.  More time than we've ever spent together, in the past.

We talked about all kinds of personal stuff.  Sorry, I won't go into that, here. 

I will say that before K left for home (lol...across the hall), we checked out resorts available through my travel club, in various areas, including Florida and Arizona.  We both agreed that if there was a choice available, it would be Arizona we would choose. 

K loved Tucson when she visited there, previously.  I adore Lake Havasu City!  Definitely desert and dry, but different than any other part of Arizona.  Mountains, lake, beautiful beach, etc.  Be still my heart!

We even discussed the idea that at some time in the future, we should consider taking a trip, together.  For sure, I'll be praying about this.  Part of me thinks that would be a great idea.  Part of me wonders if a friendship would last, if the trip didn't go well.  So, it is definitely something I need to pray about.

What would you do?

Until next time...

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