Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Beginning of 2011...

As regular readers of Life with Lynnie (LwL) know, I've fallen behind in writing about my activities. 

Forgive me grandson S, for not writing sooner about your birthday, December 31st.  Happy Birthday, S!

As per normal for family birthdays, I made a birthday cake for S.  Some of my grandsons don't really like dessert, but enjoy it when Grandma brings birthday cake.  Especially when it's for them!

We gathered on the afternoon of New Year's Eve to celebrate S' birthday at my daughter P's home.  In addition to immediate family, grandson D's girlfriend R, a friend of P's plus her toddler son and a friend of S' joined us.  It was a houseful!  But nice.

Here's S blowing out his candles:

Just as God's plan for my Christmas was different and happier than I thought it would be, so was my New Year celebrations.

As you know I spent New Year's Eve with friends and together, we had a good time. 

After they left, I felt rather horrible once again, for it is truly lonely being widowed.  Besides, it was like a slap in my face, realizing that I was beginning yet another year, without Gordon.  All I could do was cry out for my Lord to help me.  He did.

As you know, my daughter P most often prefers to spend holiday times alone, with her family.  However, I did hear from her, when she called to wish me Happy New Year!

My daughter B, was a different story.  B decided that she and some of her family would join me for New Year's day dinner.  This made me very happy!

Some of B's sons had been given tickets to an athletic event (as a Christmas gift), so not all B's children came with her, for dinner, for they were enjoying themselves at the WFCU centre, not far from where I live.

Still, it was wonderful having B and some of her family share dinner with me.  It's especially nice being able to spend time with my baby granddaughter, A!

I must admit, it did my heart good to not be alone on this first day of 2011.  Thank You, Father!  You always seem to provide for me.  I'm blessed...

Monday was a day I planned to serve three (3) friends lunch at my apartment.

Needless to say, my morning was filled being busy preparing our luncheon meal.

First my friend V, arrived.  She arrived a little later than I thought she would.  V apologized for being tardy, but was really shocked to find out she was the first guest to arrive.

Actually, it was shocking that everyone was late!

My realtor partner/friend C had been hospitalized last week for almost three (3) days, two and a half (2 1/2) of which was spent in the Emergency Department, because they didn't have a bed for him.  Since he was feeling better and since he rarely has a home-cooked meal, I invited him.

C had been late, because he had been kind enough to pick up my friend M on his way to my home. 

M's daughter N, is a 16 year old who is scheduled in London, Ontario to have heart surgery January 25th.  N had previously been scheduled, but was ill and not well enough to have the surgery, so this new date is important for her.  Please pray for N.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

As it happened, M was on the phone with the hospital in London, when C arrived to pick her up.  Once the call ended, they made their way to my home, for our New Year's friendship meal.

There was another reason I was glad M could make it for our luncheon.  If you've read lately, you'll know she's getting married in May; I'm singing at her wedding.  Since this is a second (2nd) marriage for M, she would like to make it a nice wedding, but not as fancy as when she married the first (1st) time.  Meaning, she doesn't want a frilly, white dress, but rather a cocktail-type, cream-coloured dress.  M's been having trouble finding one.

Since her daughter is having major surgery later this month and may require further surgery, she wants to make sure she's ready for her wedding, before this surgery happens.

Since I have in my possession a dress like the one M described, I offered to lend it to her.  It was the dress I wore, when I married Gordon.

Before we enjoyed our meal together, M tried on the dress.  It was absolutely perfect for her.  She actually had tears in her eyes, she was so-o happy.  Talk about answered prayer!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

No, I won't describe it in any further detail, because it has to be a surprise on M's wedding day!

Thank you friends, for joining me to celebrate the beginning of a new year!  Hopefully, you enjoyed our time of fun, food and fellowship as much as I did.

Until next time...

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