Friday, December 10, 2010

Time Heals?

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was heading out to meet a friend.  Out I went, picked M up and onward we went to where the Christmas performance was happening, she told me had tickets for. 

Unfortunately, upon arriving, my friend M realized the tickets she had were not for last night, so we had arrived when the show was not being presented.  lol

After a minute or two discussion, M and I decided that since we were already out and about, we would not just turn around and go home, but rather we would find something else to do, together.

It occurred to me that it was Thursday evening.  Hmmm... 

If you've been a long-time reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that last spring/summer I participated in the 2010 Bluesfest Idol Contest.  You'll also know that I didn't win. :(

However, during the contest I made a few friends, including two (2) people who are a couple, B & B.  Several weeks ago, they began hosting karaoke at a location not far from where M lives, on Thursday nights.  I know this, because they have been inviting me to join them, but until now, I had not. 

Truly, going to places where liquor is being served as a main attraction, does nothing for me, so I don't usually go to places such as the one, where the karaoke was being held.  But, under last night's circumstances, we decided to attend.

We arrived even before B & B showed up for work, so we chatted, together.  After our hosts arrived, M sang one song; she had never done this before, so she was very nervous, but did a great job!  I sang three (3) songs. 

After that, we left.  M decided she would like me to sing (acapella) at her upcoming wedding next May; I agreed!  After dropping off M at her home, I headed for home, myself. 

There was just one more thing I needed to mention about this time, together.  When we made arrangements for our original outing, M let me know that she was going to be attending my church's Christmas dinner, being held tonight.  Her fiance is a brother to one of our church members.

I had not planned to go, because I truly did not feel like celebrating.  At 12:30 am, this morning, it was exactly 14 months since Gordon died.  The last thing I wanted to do was celebrate.

M insisted I needed to go, so yesterday, while at Bible study, I bought my ticket for tonight's dinner event.  I did so, just to please M, since she would sort of become church family, once removed.  lol

On my way to church for dinner this evening, I picked up my church sister/friend L, whose husband died recently.  We arrived at our church, made our way upstairs to the gym, where tables were set up and food was being served.

M wasn't there.  I found the table her future brother-in-law and his Mom were seated at and I joined them.  As it turned out, M never did make it for dinner, at all.  It was rather disappointing to me.

Before I left with my friend L, a physician who worships at my church took me aside to speak with me.  Usually, we would just say 'hello' to each other in passing, but he'd been a little more friendly, speaking with me, since he began attending Bible study/prayer.

My church brother, the physician, wanted to know what happened, when Gordon died.  He was aware Gordon had an inoperable brain tumour/growth.  I explained that Gordon had been feeling really badly, with pain and a whooshing sound going up through his left ear into his brain.  The pain was so intense that he couldn't stand the pain of even hearing anyone speak.  Our family physician refused to send him to a specialist, but arranged for a hearing test for Gordon.  I cancelled the appointment, after Gordon died.

I explained that Gordon had collapsed.  It took so long for the ambulances (in the end, they had to send two [2]) that they told me he had been more than 15 minutes oxygen deprived, so they believed Gordon would be a vegetable if he awoke.

Gordon spent eight (8) days in hospital, until they pulled the plug and he died.  There's more to this story, but I am not going to go into it all again, now.

So, this was my last day or so.  Nothing spectacular.  But, time spent with church family and friends.  In the end, I'm glad I went to the Christmas dinner, even if it didn't turn out the way I had expected.  Although, it would have been better, if I had my other half with me.

One thing is for certain.  No matter how many times people tell me that it does, I have found out that time, definitely does not heal. 

Until next time...

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