Saturday, December 18, 2010


As you know, Thursday I attended a funeral for a church brother.

Afterwards, instead of returning to my church for a time of fellowship and a meal, I met my friend J at Franco's restaurant on Tecumseh Rd. and Lincoln.

J met me in time for a late lunch.  Our luncheon had been planned prior to the funeral I needed to attend.  Because J was expecting a visitor from Toronto this weekend, who would be visiting past Christmas, we really couldn't reschedule our planned luncheon to celebrate Christmas, together.

For some reason, J and I never run out of things to talk about, whenever we meet.  Time just seems to fly.  In fact, we spent over two (2) hours eating and visiting with each other.

As we got up to leave, I commented to one of the servers that if we stayed any longer, they might decide to charge us rent!  Her reply was rather humerous.  She commented that we could stay right up to closing time if we wanted to; if we decided to hang out past closing, we'd be able to find somewhere in the building to bunk for the night.

Well, we didn't have any intention of doing this, so we thanked everyone for a great meal and I paid the bill. 

Outside, J commented about how dirty my van was, especially at the rear window.  She wanted to draw a happy face on it!  Pleading with her to not do this, she laughed and we sort of played tag out in the parking lot, until we got so cold, we decided to get in our vehicles and go our separate ways.

Normally, I would attend prayer and Bible study on Thursday evening, but I didn't that day, for a couple of reasons.  Truly, I was exhausted by the time evening arrived.  But, of even greater concern to me was the fact that even though I wasn't desperate for gasoline, I decided since it was cold, I should fill my tank, but couldn't.

Twice I stopped to fill up my van's gas tank.  At both locations, I found the gas station pumps were shut down.  No gasoline. 

Apparently, due to the snowstorm that caused havoc on Hwy. #402 (London to Sarnia) a couple of days earlier, tankers were stranded.  This meant that they weren't able to maintain their schedule of delivering gasoline.  So, Windsor area experienced shortages that caused stations to close.

Not knowing for sure when supplies would resume, I didn't want to take a chance on becoming too low in fuel, with no access to replenish my tank.  So, I stayed home.

Actually, I had tons of work to finish, so it worked out well for me, even though I felt like I was not honouring God the way I normally do.

Friday, I was able to finish my gift wrapping.  And, made the last of my delivery/visits that I do every year. 

However, part of the day seemed like an instant replay of the day before.  I picked up B and together, we met my cemetary friend J, for Franco's!

The servers knew I was returning there, for I had let them know on Thursday, when I had been there with J.  Even so, jokes flew when they saw me enter with different friends.

One server even asked me if I found somewhere to sleep in the building!  :-)) 

Together, we three enjoyed delicious meals and a wonderful time of fellowship.  Yes, it was another extended lunch time, but it was well worth it.  Thank you J, for treating me to lunch.  I enjoyed this gift to me.  I'm blessed...

Lord, I am thankful for my friends, who are so loving and supportive of me. 

I'm sure I don't have to say this, but even though I enjoy eating at Franco's, I certainly hope it will be some time before I return.  If not, they may charge me rent!

Until next time...

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