Tuesday, December 28, 2010

(More) Christmas with Family & Worship!

When I left off writing about Christmas Eve, I was at my daugher B's home.

Eventually, I had to leave, much to the dismay of my grandsons.  I let them know I would stay if I could, but I knew I had to be at church to worship and celebrate Jesus.

Not wanting to leave Christmas gifts in my vehicle while I was worshipping and celebrating the birth of my Saviour, I drove to P's home, to drop off the gifts I was bringing.

Arriving at church, I was absolutely shocked to see that I had no problem finding a parking spot.  Upon entering the sanctuary, I thought that it was because I was a few minutes early for our service that there weren't many people there, yet. 

More people did arrive, but I was actually disappointed to see the smaller than normal turnout to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, my Saviour.

Reviewing the programme, I was glad to see that Silent Night was the last Christmas carol to be sung, before the benediction.  Immediately, I made the decision to leave just as the song would begin.  And, that's exactly what I did. 

Why?  I didn't want to subject myself to any unnecessary pain, singing or hearing Gordon's favourite carol.  After all, I already felt sad about the prospect of spending Christmas day alone, once more, without my Gordon and without my family.

Since I sat in my normal seat at the back of the sanctuary just in front of the back door, it made it simple for me to slip out.  I don't believe anyone noticed, except for my friend A who I wished Merry Christmas to, before I left.  And, one person from our sound room, who was recording the service.

It only took a few minutes to reach my daughter P's.

Once again, we had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and opening presents, together.  Just as earlier at B's, we enjoyed pie I had brought with me to share with my family.

I truly felt blessed being able to celebrate Christmas with my family, even if it was not as I had hoped.  Especially since it was on Christmas Eve!  It had been years since we gathered on Christmas Eve; normally, it would be a week or two (2) in advance of Christmas.

Knowing I am now a widow, I thought it would make a difference this year, especially since both my daughters knew I spent Christmas alone, last year.

To make sure we got plans made, I had discussions with my daughters, back in October about what we were doing to celebrate Christmas.  At the time, I could have booked my party room for our dinner. 

After asking for decisions a few times, I gave up.  I realized this wasn't as important to my daughters as it was to me.

While I tried to accept this.  It was difficult for me, especially since I knew I would be alone again, this year.

As I've mentioned in the past, it actually shocks me every time I think that my children still wanted to handle Christmas as had been done in the past.  In advance, with no visit or dinner on Christmas.

P and I realized that I had something at my apartment that she needed.  I let P know that B would be driving to Windsor's west side for Christmas dinner and suggested that we might be able to have B pick it up from me and bring it to P's home, enroute to her destination. 

Once home, I called B and asked if she would indeed stop by my apartment on Christmas day, pick up the package and deliver it to P's on her way to spend Christmas dinner with her ex and his family.  B said she would.

Then, I suggested that if she were dropping by, why not come in with her family and have a short visit.  I explained that God had led me to purchase items that I wouldn't have normally bought, since I was to be alone on Christmas day and would be happy to provide a light lunch, using these items.

To my surprise, B said she and her family would indeed, do this.  I was absolutely floored.  You could have blown me over with a feather! 

Hmmm...I wonder if it had anything to do with my grandson T, who kept commenting when we were together earlier in the day, that it wasn't right for me to spend Christmas, alone.  I had reminded T that I had been invited to friends' homes, but that I had refused all invitations, for I truly believe Christmas is a family day.  Why would I want to barge in on my friend's Christmas celebration with their family? 

Still, it did my heart good to know that T loved me and cared about me.  He's obviously growing up!  I love him...and all my grandchildren!  Children, too!

It did my heart good to also know that I would at least spend a short time with some of my family on Christmas day!  In fact, I could hardly sleep, just thinking about it. 

It seemed that my Christmas was going to be a merry one, after all!

Until next time...

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