Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Headway!

This morning, I didn't lay in bed for more than an hour after waking.  The trouble was, I kept hoping I'd go back to sleep, considering I awoke about three (3) hours early, but couldn't drift off.  So, up I got and began my day earlier than normal.

While I love Christmas and the season surrounding it, I never cease to be amazed at how much work there is to be done.  Today, I feel like I have truly made headway.  Hopefully, I'll be ready, soon.

You'll probably think I'm crazy, but with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and being busy with work at this time of year, I shop all year long.  You may wonder what I do with my purchases.

Well, I have a system I use.  I have boxes that I have numbered.  They all stack nicely, for they are the same size.  Thanks to my friend J, who supplied them to me, when I moved into the apartment.

I have a list of each box number and what the contents are.  This way, if I need to get something out of a box, I just look on my list, find the item, note the box number and voila!  There it is!

This is my usual system.  Unfortunately, last year, when Gordon was so sick, hospitalized twice and died, I was lax in keeping up my list.  This year, I am paying the price. 

This meant that I had to carry all boxes into my livingroom, to sort things out, so I could make headway with my gifts for customers, friends and even family.

While this may sound easy, and it may be for some people, I must say that it is very hard work for me, physically.  Still, with God's help, I managed a while back.

Today, I finished sorting out gifts and have the last of them awaiting wrapping, now. 

In addition, I took inventory of the rest of the contents of my boxes and made a new list. 

Now, I will be okay, as long as I keep up the good work!  :-))  Still, I feel like I have truly made headway concerning all the work I have to do for Christmas!

Once I finished reorganizing, I returned all boxes to their storage location.  At first, I thought I wouldn't do it today, because I am still hurting from shovelling a few days ago.  And, don't forget, I am Rheumatoid Arthritic (Ankylosing Spondylitis). 

I decided I really just wanted to have my home look more like a home, so I prayed and my Lord helped me once again carry those boxes and store them. 

Oh I ever hurting, physically!  In fact, I could hardly walk, tonight to do my laundry.

Yes, you read right!  This evening, about suppertime, I decided to do my laundry, as I will be very busy over the next few days.  At least the deed is done!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

Now, I pray it is God's will to take away my pain!

Until next time...

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