Monday, December 20, 2010

Grandma's Blessing...

Grandsons J & A with volunteer at Park House museum, Amherstburg, ON, Canada Dec. 18/10

Wow!  Am I behind discussing my activities!  Yesterday, I spoke about being with friends on Friday night, enjoying the lights tour of Amherstburg.

In case you aren't aware, Amherstburg is not a very large town; in fact, now that that it has expanded regionally, I'm not sure how many people live there, but before the expansion into regional government, there was only about 5,000 or so people, so the town itself is not very large.

Did this stop them from creating a wonderful Christmas lights display throughout town?  No!  Honestly, you'd have to see it, to understand.  Hopefully, they will do this again next year.

Recently, my daughter B told me that my grandson J wanted to spend a day and stay overnight with me.  I'm surprised you didn't have to pick me up off the floor that day!  Of course, you know I said I would love to do this!  This was a first for me, believe it or not.

Well, Saturday was the day.  Knowing how beautiful the light display was in Amherstburg, I decided we would spend afternoon and early evening, there.

Upon picking up J (12), his younger brother A (8) complained that he wasn't coming with me, too.  After the parental permission was given, both my grandsons climbed into my van.  Off we went!

It was still light at this time in mid afternoon, so we drove around the area.  I gave history lessons enroute (lol)!

Along the old Hwy. #18 (Front Road), we followed the river towards Amherstburg.  Along the way, I showed my grandsons a home that Gordon's Great-grandfather had built, way back when Fort Malden was still being used as a fort. 

Over time, after the Fort was no longer needed for it's original purpose of defending Canada (oops...I should have said 'Upper Canada'), the land that the fort encompassed was reduced.  Today, it is used as an historical museum.

Back in it's hayday, Fort Malden played a part in the war of 1812.  I won't give a history lesson, here; you can google it for yourself.

However, after the fort was no longer needed for defense purposes and only required a small amount of land for museum purposes, the new fencing outlining the new perimeter of the fort reduced the land size. 

The homes that had once been inside the perimeter of the original fort remained where they stood, but were then considered 'outside the fort'.  After the downsizing of land mass, Gordon's family's home was directly across the street from the fort, until the high school needed to build an addition to house a new gymnasium.

Rather than tear down this historical home, it was moved down river, to where it is located, today.

A number of years ago, Gordon and I wanted to take a photo of the home and knocked on the door, to obtain permission.  Not only did the current owner agree, but invited us inside to see the main floor areas.  Wow!  What a blessing!  We saw the original tin ceiling in the kitchen, original built-in cabinets in the diningroom and all the main floor coziness that Gordon's G-grandpa had built. 

Getting back to my grandsons, we visited Park House museum, built in the 1700's in Detroit and shipped by boat/barge to Amherstburg in the 1800's (google this for info, please). 

The volunteer gave us a wonderful tour.  A & J particularly enjoyed the children's toy room upstairs, for the volunteer allowed them to play some of the old games and run the newest addition to the room, the railroad system (see photo above). 

Here are some other pics (yes, the volunteer allowed these and helped my grandsons with accessories):

J wearing an 1800's felt hat at Park House Museum, Amherstburg Dec. 18/10

A, wearing a water bucket yoke at Park House Museum, Amherstburg Dec. 18/10

J (front) & A playing with toys at Park House Museum, Amerstburg Dec. 18/10

We saw some sights around Amherstburg.  I showed them where the old Boblo dock was, where their Mom accompanied me and other family members in catching the Boblo boat to go across to Boblo Island, where there used to be an amusement park.  We also saw where the river becomes Lake Erie.  Of course, we had a late afternoon snack!

At 5:00 pm, the Gingerbread warming house was open, so we went inside and enjoyed the crafts going on.  Again, more snacks, for they served cookies and apple cider.  A participated in making himself a reindeer hand puppet!

We had a good time.  When it was dark enough, we drove around the historical area, seeing the old Navy Yard and other areas beautifully lit up.  All were happy seeing the beautiful light displays.

We all agreed that the park was absolutely gorgeous, for it was jam packed with light displays of every kind.  There were a few we all agreed were especially nice, like the 'swing' display, 'Santa and his sleigh/reindeer' and especially the multiple 'fireworks' display (just to name a few!).

Making our way back to Grandma's, we drove through LaSalle.  My daughter B texted me with the address of the home she told me has a computerized light system (very expensive, to be sure!), similar to ones I've seen on Youtube. 

Until B told me about this home, I didn't know they had a light show!  The address turned out to be a neighbour of my good Christian friends A & K.

Yes, we visited for a few minutes with A & K, where my grandsons played joyfully with little W, before heading out to my van, turning on the radio to the advertised station address, and watching the amazing light display while listening to the music.

If you're interested, you can do this, yourself.  The address is: 550 Kenwood, LaSalle, ON.  Enjoy!

We made our way back to Windsor, stopped at a pizza place the boys enjoy pizza from and went 'home' for the night.  My daughter B dropped by with clean clothes for church in the morning and enjoyed some pizza with us.

Together, my grandsons and I played a game of Skipbo; no, I won't tell you who won!  lol  Then, as showers were being had, colouring velvet art was enjoyed.  We made up the bed of my hide-a-bed couch for A & J; then, we all hit the sack.  11:30 pm, it was!

What a wonderful blessing this was to me!  I praise God and thank Jesus for this blessing.  It made me realize that God has a purpose for me staying in this area, for I had been considering leaving Windsor.  This is a topic for another day. 

Again, Father I thank You for answered prayer and for blessing me, especially at this lonely time of year.  I pray You will wrap Your loving arms around each person who is grieving, or feeling lonely, down, depressed, abandoned, rejected and/or unloved; lift each one up, encourage them and help them to know that You love them and are there for them.  Help us all to rely on You and You, alone.  To be still and know You are God.  In Jesus' name I pray.  Amen.

Until next time...

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