Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fun, Death and Prayer...

It's been quite a few days, since I wrote about my comings and goings, so I thought I'd take the time to write about it, tonight.

Since my real estate partner/co-worker friend C was sick when it was my birthday last week, he decided to take me to lunch this past Wednesday. We met at Red Lobster and had a delicious lunch, together. Thank you, C. I truly appreciate you celebrating my special day. However, I am mostly glad you are feeling better, now. Praise God!

On Thursday, I went to Bible study and prayer, as per normal. Afterwards, I visited with my youngest daughter P, for a few minutes.

P told me that our on-line friend Sandy, died. Sandy, like P, had Lupus...and in addition, she had CANCER.  I could tell there was more.  P told me the rest.  Apparently, one of her real-life friends who also had Lupus, died the same day, also.  This woman was the first person to counsel P, after she had been diagnosed with Lupus.

It's no wonder P was upset. Two LUPUS friends died on the same day. P usually seems calm when she speaks with me, but not so this evening.

Whenever P speaks to me about probably only having a few years left to live, I mentally deny this. The reality is, I know it could be true. P is taking a chemotherapy drug, daily. She'll have to do this for the rest of her life. Hopefully, it will be a long life. Believe me, I pray about this, regularly.

The reality is that P could die. My previous Pastor, who now lives in USA, had a sister who also had Lupus. After many times of being hospitalized, she died.

In fact, I have never known anyone personally who hasn't suffered with this disease.  Many die from it.  This is a topic for another day.

Please pray for P. I thank you for this. May God bless you, richly.

Friday, being the first Friday of the month, would normally be my night to get together with Christian friends for coffee/tea at Tim Horton's at Crawford and Wyandotte W. While my friends met, I wasn't with them.

Friday, was the night scheduled for my real estate board Gala. They used to call it our Christmas dinner/party, but not now. Didn't you know? It's not politically correct!

In any case, the dinner was a very nice meal.  It's actually a quite lavish affair.  Couples dress to the nines.  Not me, nor my friends, who are all single.  We've been friends for years, so we sit together every year at this and other real estate events.  And, we just dress nicely for the event, not lavishly.  After the meal is over, we usually leave.  Why stay?  We have no one to party with, dance with, have a good time with, for the evening.

Believe it or not, I actually toasted with a half flute of champagne and had a glass of red wine. Don't faint! Well, that's it, probably for another year.

It may seem like all I did was party hearty, but that's not so.  I also worked hard.  No, I didn't show homes, but I never had a moment to waste.

When I wasn't writing out Christmas cards, I was wrapping gifts for clients, past customers, friends, etc. and delivering them.  Most often, I am able to have a short visit with people, but if they are not home, I leave their card/gift at their home.

There's more to come, but this is about enough for tonight.  Hopefully, you will have a wonderful, restful sleep.  I am hoping to, also.  Pleasant dreams!

Until next time...

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