Sunday, December 12, 2010

Florida of Canada?

Hopefully, the snow is finished for today and for the forseeable future.  I haven't seen the weather report, but it can't hurt to hope!

Actually, I must ask you this:  If you ever hear me tell someone that Windsor & Essex County area is like the Florida of Canada, please kick me!  It will serve as a reminder to never do this, again!  lol

For some reason, every time I say this to someone, we have a snowstorm!  The worst part, is that just a few days ago, many other cities in Ontario and throughout the mid-west USA got socked in. 

For instance, London, Ontario had four (4) feet of snow!  I'm not sure how much snow Toronto had, but it had to be quite a bit; like parts of USA near us, for it seemed that we were granted grace in the midst of the storms, for we had only a light dusting of snow which quickly disappeared, while others suffered and shovelled, greatly! 

In fact, The Windsor Star printed an editorial cartoon showing Windsor with no snow, but surrounded everywhere with snow.  Here is a link from Dec. 8/10 (if the link only brings you to the latest page, please click on Dec. 8/10):

While I thought it was cute when I saw this, I was truly thankful for living in Windsor, on this date.

Today, was a different story.  Today, I awoke to a snowstorm happening.  From my 17th floor apartment, it probably looked worse than it was.

However, as the day went on, the snowstorm continued and brought with it the heartbreak every homeowner and driver knows.  Snowy, unplowed streets, with traffic snarled, everywhere. You know the drill.

Since I am a good driver [:-))] who knows how to drive in snow, I didn't let it hold me back.  Off to church I went, to worship.  Our sanctuary was half (1/2) empty.  Hmmm...I wonder why?  Too bad, really; it was a great sermon, today.

I checked on the home I own, near my church; I don't live there, but I do need to care for the property.  Since there hadn't been much accumulation of snow at that time, I decided to return later in the day. 

My agenda for today was full.  I went to the cemetary, to Gordon's grave.  Then, had coffee with my co-worker/friend C at a Tim Horton's.  I stopped at a dollar store for a couple of items and then headed to Malden Park Nursing Home (MP), to bring a Christmas gift and visit with a past client/friend.

A is in her 90's.  When I spoke with her son yesterday, I wasn't sure if A was still in hospital or back at the nursing home.  K, her son, told me that A had returned to MP, for palliative care.  Whenever I visit her, I always pray with her and let her know I love her; today, was no different.

On my way to a 4:00 pm church service, with a small group I attend occasionally, I dropped by my daughter P's for a couple of minutes.  Knowing the weather was bad, I suspected the small group who meet at this small location, would be even smaller.  It was true. 

I have to give Pastor B credit, though.  Small group or not, he still preaches a good sermon.

Later, I went by the house and noticed that earlier in the day someone must have shovelled some snow, because the walkway wasn't as deep as the lawn areas.  Just as I got the shovel out, my neighbour popped her head out and told me not to worry about it, for she had done it and would continue removing the snow for me.

Wow!  What a blessing.  Others know I have a need here, but don't help out.  This neighbour truly made my day.  Father, I ask that You bless this young woman and thank You in advance.  In Jesus' name I pray.  Amen.

I did tell my neighbour that since I already had the shovel out, I would go over it, quickly.  Of course, I thanked her.  I'm blessed.  Truly blessed.  I believe she realized in the summer, after talking with my daughter P, that it is very difficult for me to do things like shovelling.

If you know me, you know I have had body injury in the past and still suffer from neck, shoulder, back and knee problems.  Does this change anything?  Not really.  A gal has to do what a gal has to do, no matter what. 

God helped me through shovelling my walks and my neighbour's walks, this evening.  However, I am already in pain, so I am sure I'll be paying for this, tomorrow.  Boy, am I glad my Chiropractor has returned from his holiday, now!

Prayer is appreciated!

Until next time...

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