Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with Family & Worship!

After attending my friend A's funeral and doing last minute shopping, I made sure I was packed up and ready to go!

I had three homes to visit, plus since it was Christmas Eve, I planned to attend our Christmas Eve worship service, at my church at 7:00 pm.

My first stop was my friend J's home.  J had a friend S with her, visiting from Toronto.  S is a Jewish woman, single like my friend J.  They had been next door best friends growing up and to this day remain so.  Isn't it wonderful when love carries on through life?!  I think so.

While I enjoyed a cup of tea and cookies with my friends, J & S worked on slicing and dicing veggies for a greek salad they were planning to serve during Christmas dinner.  I offered to help, but they refused. 

This was my only chance to see S, before she headed home.  S thanked me for the gift I gave her and presented me with a lovely dish filled with homemade goodies. 

The wrapping was exquisite.  When I commented on how professional the presentation was, S notified me that she had begun a new business.  I wish S all the best.  I have no doubt this business will succeed!

It's interesting to me to know that S keeps a Kosher home, in Toronto.  She has no intention of ever becoming a Christian.  Yet, she grew up next door to J and her very Christian family here in Windsor and celebrates Christmas with them, every year.  Amazing!  S, you may not want to hear or read this, but know that I pray for you.  Regularly.  May God bless you.

I just had a thought:  I wonder if S knows that we Christians are grafted in, to the family of God's Chosen People?  I'll have to ask her, one day!

Around 3:00 pm, I left J's and went to my daughter B's home, which is just a few minutes away from J's.

All B's five (5) children were home with her, so it was truly a blessing to me to celebrate Christmas with them.  While we didn't have dinner together, we did enjoy some pie I brought with me for all the family.  All except for baby A, who is too little yet to have any.

We opened presents together and had a great visit. 

B explained to me that she wasn't going to be home for Christmas dinner, for she and her family had been invited to her ex's Mom's, for dinner. 

I tried to not be hurt, thinking that she'd rather spend Christmas dinner with her ex's Mom, than with her own Mom, but it didn't work.  God has blessed me with the ability to not always show my hurt feelings.  I suppose it's because I've had a lot of practice, but I'm sure no one noticed.

After opening gifts, my eldest grandson T, asked me how I was celebrating, on Christmas day.  He asked if I was making dinner or going somewhere else.  I replied that I had no plans and wasn't making dinner.  I didn't want to go into a big, long explanation about how I believe Christmas is to be celebrated with family, so I didn't comment.

T was shocked and said that I shouldn't be alone.  This really surprised me that T would say something like this; he must be maturing, somewhat. 

After he commented again, I let T know that originally, I tried to make arrangements with both my daughters, but they both told me they just wanted to be with their own families on Christmas day, as they had in the past for so many years.  T spoke up claiming it was wrong for me to be alone.

In any case, that's how I left it.  I would be alone.

Since there is more to be said about Christmas Eve, and since I've written enough for today, this entry will continue, tomorrow. 

Until next time...

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