Thursday, December 9, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This week has been unbelievable!  Busy, busy, busy!  It could be that God wants to make sure I'm keeping myself busy and out of trouble. lol :-))

Whatever the reason, I have hardly had time to stop and rest!  It's just been go, go, go...  Making my deliveries, working on Christmas things I need to complete shortly both for work and personally, getting together for other events!

Other events.  Hmmm...this is a good topic for today.  I haven't yet had a chance to tell you about my comings and goings so far this week.

Well, Monday evening, I was tied up for at least a couple of hours, in a nice way.  My two (2) daughters B and P, met me at my church.  Our ladies' group was having a Christmas celebration and together, we attended. 

I was glad they could both make it; I felt blessed.  Hopefully, they enjoyed themselves.  I know I did.  I've been praying God will lead them to return to Him, that the Holy Spirit will lead them back to worshipping at church.  Any/all prayer would be appreciated.  Thank you.  May God bless you, royally.

Tuesday, was another busy day for me, doing what I've been doing best, lately.  Christmas work!  lol  But, in the evening, I picked up my daughter P, and together we attended a meeting for the Boarded Up Houses group, that we both belong to. 

If you've been a regular reader, you'll know that my daughter lives in an area of Windsor, currently being affected by homes that were purchased previously by the Bridge Company, who wants to build a second (2nd) span onto the approximately 100 year old Ambassador (International) Bridge, leading to Detroit, Michigan, USA.

The issue is complex, so I won't restate the opinions of the opposing sides, here and now.  It's enough to say that the City of Windsor does not want this to happen. 

Meanwhile, living in this area is not only living amidst an eyesore, but living in this area of vacant homes boarded up, is risky.  If not down-right dangerous.

Yesterday, I managed to fit in some work and visiting/deliveries.  But, the nicest part of my day was spent with three (3) friends of mine (A, plus B & K) from Amherstburg, who all worship at Harrow Baptist Church (HBC), in Harrow (of course!). 

HBC is a sister church to mine through the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist churches, so many people attend various functions at both churches and others nearby.

A had once again invited me to their 50+ group meeting, where a Christmas celebration was on the agenda, complete with turkey dinner (pot luck; yes, I brought some dessert!). 

It was really nice spending time with my friends.  Actually, B was a friend of Gordon's from when they worked together.  Now, B is retired, like all those who worked at the plant, for the plant closed earlier this year.  K, is still working, although very part-time.  My friend A, has been a friend of B & K's for many years; actually, this is how I met her!

When I commented that I was surprised to see B & K in attendance, A joking stated that they may be thrown out, for they will not be 50 years of age for at least the next few months!  She's a card! 

Seriously, the presentation was gloriously honouring to God.  The meal was delicious.  And, the fellowship was outstanding.  I'm blessed!  Thank You, Lord.

Today, I have spent much of my time completing some tasks here at home, relating to my Christmas endeavours for work and such. 

Shortly, I'll be making my way to continue with my Christmas deliveries/visits.  Enroute, I will have to stop at a funeral home, to visit with a friend whose Mom died. 

From there, I'll make my way over to the other side of town, to my church, for Bible study/prayer time.  After all, it is Thursday!

Afterwards, I do have plans, but I cannot go into detail, here and now.  So, I'll just have to tell you about it, another day!  This is why I am posting this entry somewhat earlier than I normally do.  Blessings to you, friends...

Until next time...

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