Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Holy War? (This is NOT for children!)

Once again, before I begin this entry, I must warn that this entry is NOT for children.

Yesterday's entry ended with the idea that the current war with Islamic people is not political or about land.  Here is a youtube video, proving exactly this:

Allen West speaks out regarding the USA and Canadian efforts in the Middle East.  Please note this is the first video, only:

Hamas using children as human shields...

The following is youtube video regarding a mass wedding, organized by Hamas for 450 girls...six (6) to nine (9) years old.  Yes, I said just children, not even at the age of puberty, yet.

This next video that I recently came across, explains Islam better than I ever could.  It explains why there are contrasting opinions regarding verses from the Qur'an.  It also confirms what I already understood about Islam's ideology towards democracy, Shariah (Sharia, Shari'a) Law.

Speaking of Shariah Law.  Think you want Sharia Law, here in Canada, or in the USA?  The U.K. is struggling with it, now.  Take a look at what it's about:

*  A young woman who had met with a man (not approved):

*  Two daughters (later confirmed) killed by their father (in USA):

*  A Mississauga, ON teen murdered by her father:

*  A raped 16 year old:

*  and to me, one of the worst... a 12 year old girl physically abused by her husband:

Shariah Law?  In Canada or USA?  Some say never, but one day it will happen.

Muslims will not give up; they will repeatedly push for Shariah Law, until they receive it.  Some say Shariah Law will not be against women, but the world examples show the truth. 

Besides TAQIYYI, the right to lie to infidels they want to conquer, shows us that we cannot trust their word, regarding what Shariah Law would do to women and infidels.

Muslim men sometimes claim that if the woman is not happy with the results from a Shariah court, they can appeal to another (e.g. Ontario) court.  But, it could open the door to more honour killings, as we've seen happen, even in Ontario. 

Choice could become immaterial.  Be forewarned:  Once Shariah Law is legal in Ontario, or anywhere... it will be illegal to even speak up against it.  It will just be the first step towards total domination by Islam.

If you ask me if I believe the Muslim men who say that Shariah Law is not against women, I would tell you that I do not.  Why?  Not just because we see the proof around the world, regularly.  But, mostly because the Qur'an encourages lying. 

No, I'm not making this up.  In the Qur'an, it's called TAQIYYI, where Muslims are encouraged to lie to those who they want to dominate.  Why on earth would any woman want to believe anything a Muslim man said, who wanted Shariah Law enacted?!

You need to know, that if Shariah Law becomes enacted, it can never be removed, for Islam won't allow it; they will have received the right to not just deal with their own people, but also it will open the door so that we infidels can be hurt or murdered. Whatever it takes to bring about their ultimate desire of domination. Even to the point of cutting off our heads, for refusing to convert to Islam.

A British Muslim cleric supports London bombings and terror:

Think progress isn't being made by Islam, in USA?  A country founded on Christian principles.  Think again:

USA is not alone.  I thank God that our Canadian government has wisdom:

This woman is speaking in and about USA, but as a former Muslim, she confirms that Muslims are not here to assimilate into society:

A former Muslim terrorist speaks out:

Ravi Zacharias talks with a Muslim student:

When you watch this video, please notice that people are being led astray, lied to, regarding Islam, by slogans like the one being shown on the banner displayed at this gathering that clearly says, "Jesus is a Muslim.":

As I mentioned earlier, TAQIYYI not only allows Muslims to lie, but encourages them to do so, if it will enable them to convert people to Islam or have them gain influence or dominance over the person they are lying to.

God and His Word, the Bible, tells us that lying is wrong.  So, what shall we do about this?  This is a topic for another day.

Until next time...

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