Monday, November 22, 2010

Chili Fest!

In my last entry, I told you about my happenings Monday and Tuesday.  I believe I am a little bit behind in keeping you posted on my life, so I am going to try and get caught up a lttle bit.

Tuesday, was not just when I went to lunch at Swiss Chalet with my friend J, but after working, lunching and working some more, I also had a rather busy evening.

Firstly, I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser, so you can be sure I watched the show.  But, in addition, I did a fair amount of cooking.

In fact, I made three (3) batches of chili.  lol  Yes, I truly did.  You're probably thinking 'what on earth!'.

Well, I can answer the 'why'.  You see, Wednesday was the third (3rd) Wednesday of the month.  So, it was 50+ group meeting at my church.  My friend W, who is the co-ordinator for the group had asked me to make chili, for we were to have a chili fest for our lunchtime meal.

Along with salads and dessert, etc., it was quite a meal.  I wasn't the only person who made chili.  But, I do think I made the largest quantity, for it almost filled one of my roasting pans.

Knowing there were other people's chili available and knowing we only had a group of about 40 people, I thought there might be a fair amount of chili left over.  Especially, when you consider that we're talking about senior-aged people, here!

To my surprise, there was hardly anything left of my pan of chili, by the time lunch was over.  I wasn't truly shocked at the end of our time together, for I saw several men going back for what I thought was seconds. 

At least two (2) men, who are husbands to my friends, admitted this was more than seconds, for them.  One commented that he loved my chili!  lol  I suppose so, if it was thirds (3rds) or more!!

Gordon always loved my chili.  And so he should have, for it was he who showed me how to make chili.  This is the truth.  Of course, I tweeked the recipe slightly, to make it my own!

My Mom never made chili.  Having a British family background, most of the meals she made were delicious, but bland in comparison to foods made by families from other backgrounds.

Once I got to know Gordon and he came for dinner on a fairly regular basis, he was shocked I had never made chili.  Well, that didn't last too long, because once I made it and found I liked it, it became something I never forgot to make, occasionally.

My children grew to love my chili, too.  In fact, I recall when my youngest daughter P was living on her own, in the Ottawa area.  She called me to find out how I made my chili. 

I gave P the recipe.  I don't know if she still makes it this way, for her boyfriend, who later became her husband liked chili made another way.

Still, it made me feel good that she recalled enjoying our chili fests, together.

The 50+ group meeting took a little longer than normal.  In addition to our usual activities, we had set up a 'Campbell Mall' (after all, we were at our church, Campbell Baptist Church).  Our mall consisted of donated items; some new and some gently used.  Baked goods as well.

The reason for the 'mall' was to generate some funds to be used for missions.  Well, actually, the funds raised were going to be sent to the person who wrote a book about short term missions, that our church has used, in the past.

No one was making a profit from our efforts.  The funds will allow more books to be printed and sold or donated to churches who are interested in having groups participate in short-term missions projects. 

While I had been happy to see my friend A (from Amherstburg), arrive at my church to join us for our 50+ group luncheon, and appreciated sitting with her and enjoying her company, it made me feel badly that I was busy manning a table at our 'mall', for it didn't allow me much time afterwards, to chat with her.

Oh well, I suppose this means we'll just have to get together again, soon!

By the way, if anyone wants my recipe for chili, just let me know.

Until next time...

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