Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Happy Birthday! and More...

Last night's sleep was absolutely horrid.  It was practically non-existent, for I only obtained about an hour and a half (1 1/2 hr.) sleep, in total.  For some reason, I just could not get my mind to slow down and rest.  I paid the price!

To say I was tired today, is truly a great understatement.  Even so, I got myself up, did what I had to do and headed out of town to Harrow, where I met my friend A (from Amherstburg), at her church.

I brought with me some cupcakes I had previously baked and frozen for a day just like today; all I had to do before I left, was frost them.

Today, was their 50+ group meeting/luncheon and I was a guest.  I really enjoyed my time with A and the group.  Since tomorrow is Remembrance Day, this was the theme for today's gathering.

After the guest speaker/singer finished their contribution, the organizer K, asked people to stand up and talk a little bit about family/friend(s) who were veterans or were serving Canada, for the cause of freedom. 

My friend A, spoke of her son, whom she is very proud of.  He's done two (2) tours in Afghanistan.  When my turn came, I spoke of both my parents (as you know, I've previously written about their contributions to Canada's freedom during WW2).

We enjoyed a delicious pot luck luncheon, together.  Then, A and I sat, talked and just enjoyed some fellowship time, together.  What a blessing!  A, thank you for inviting me and having me as a guest.  I'll see you next week, when you are a guest at my church!

On my way home, I stopped to visit Gordon's grave at the cemetary, just a moment's drive off the road I was travelling on.  It was a rather cold, bleak day, so I didn't stay long.

By the time I got home, it was really too late to do much I had previously planned to do, so I loaded up my van with cake and presents and headed over to my daughter P's home.

Today, is P's son (my grandson) Z's birthday.  Yes, another birthday!  I forewarned you recently, that between October and the new year, I would be busy with birthdays!

Z turned 10, today.  The photo above is of Z blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.  The photo below is of my family members who shared in the celebration.  The back row, from left to right consists of:  my grandson D's girlfriend R, my grandson D, my daughter P, P's boyfriend K; in front on the left is S and beside him on the right, is Z.  Happy Birthday, Z

Our celebration was a little shorter than others in the past, because a family of visitors dropped by and more were expected, so I headed home.

Today, I tried as hard as I could to not think about Gordon, but failed, miserably.  Once I was home for the duration, I had a good cry.  It was 13 months ago today, that Gordon died.

Until next time...

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