Monday, October 4, 2010

Prayer Needed!

Believe it or not, two (2) hours after I went to sleep last night, I awoke and could not go back to sleep.  I ended up being awake for about three and a half (3 1/2) hours, before finally drifting off, once again for only a short time.

In addition to being tired, I am feeling rather poorly, today.  I've been sneezing, my ear feels weird and my sinus is full, plus my throat is not really very sore, but doesn't feel right.  I just really don't feel well, tonight.  Hopefully, I'm not coming down with something that is going to put me out of commission. 

As I said to my friend A, earlier today, my vitamins/minerals usually help me, but not as well since Gordon died.  I believe this may be attributed to the fact that stress affects people's immune systems.  Mine is already compromised with having Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), but the stress of losing Gordon has truly affected me, for I have been sick a few times this year.

I've been praying this will just remain a head cold for a day or so.  If it becomes a full-blown respiratory infection, it could affect my eye by raising inflammation; if the inflammation rises greatly, it will bring on Secondary Glaucoma, once again.  This is when it gets serious, for this is when I am at risk of losing my eye.

So, forgive me, but I must ask for prayer.  Thank you to all who will pray for me.  May God bless you, now and always.

Yesterday, I only touched on Friday's Christian Singles' Cafe at Tim Horton's.  Something happened there, that made me change my mind once more, but I won't go into that, here and now.

You see, originally, I thought about writing about Gordon, how he suffered and how I suffered with him.  But, the more I thought about it, the more I thought I wouldn't, especially since it is rather traumatic to recall.

After what happened on Friday evening, I decided I definitely need to write about Gordon and his medical conditions.  But, I won't write about it, today.

By the time I finished working on Saturday and again on Sunday, I was feeling rather discouraged and worn out.  Help!  I need a break!  A rest would be nice.  A holiday would be even better!

The trouble is, where would I go?  Alone?!

I've thought about going to Europe, especially Greece and Turkey.  However, today I read in the Windsor Star that President Obama has made alert to the US people warning them to not visit Europe, due to possible Muslim attacks. 

I know; I know.  I'm not American; I'm Canadian.  However, if the President of USA thinks it is not safe for Americans to travel to Europe, then maybe it is unsafe for we Canadians, also. 

After all, Gordon and I were mistaken for being American when we were in Barcelona on the day of New Year's Eve, a few years ago.  In fact, Gordon was physically attacked by a man who had been playing a piano built into his motorcycle.  No, I'm not crazy; it's true.  God protected us!

The fellow thought we had been filming him and his bike, but we hadn't.  Consequently, as we left the area, the man slammed his fists into Gordon's back (into his backpack, actually), thinking our camera was there.  But, it wasn't.  Gordon had put it under his coat and zipped it in to keep it warm.  This fellow hit Gordon so hard it knocked him off his feet, but he caught himself before he fell, totally. 

Gordon regained his stability and came up swinging, hitting the fellow, who began yelling at us about knowing what we Americans are like.  Without going into further detail, we managed to get away from this situation, safely.  Upon returning home, we saw the man on television.

America's Most Wanted (AMW) showed a clip on him.  We contacted the FBI and gave our info.  Hopefully, our info helped catch the fellow, because the clip we saw televised he had been seen in Amsterdam.  We had been in Amsterdam, but had not seen him, there. 

Later, after the fellow was apprehended, the FBI told us that other people had seen the fellow in the same location in Barcelona, on the same day we had. 

A few weeks later, AMW televised that the man had been caught, in ASIA.  He was an escaped, convicted child molester, from USA.

I have thought about going to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.  Normally, it wouldn't bother me travelling to a country where English is not widely spoken, but my friend J recently told me she wouldn't want me to travel especially in Egypt, due to being alone and not speaking/reading the language.  She suggested I joined a tour. 

Yuch.  I'm not fond of tours.  In fact, when Gordon and I travelled, we did not travel by tours.  For sure, I'll have to pray about this.  Any ideas?

Until next time...

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