Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Praising and Giving Thanks...

It's been a while since I spoke about my daily activities, so I thought I would do so, today.

In case you weren't aware, I've been sick over the last week or more.  Although I am feeling improved, I just cannot seem to shake this virus.  No, I have not gone to my doctor's, for I truly do not want to see him, yet; nor, do I want antibiotics.  I'm hoping I won't need them.

Last Thursday evening, I was scheduled to attend Bible study and prayer at my church.  However, due to being ill, I did not attend.  My lungs felt like I had a vice around my chest, preventing me from breathing properly.  In fact, even though I felt the need to cough, I could not do so, without feeling like I would pass out, for I just could not manage to take a deep enough breath to even cough.

By Saturday, the vice-like feeling was leaving. 

On Sunday, October 10th, the first (1st) anniversary of Gordon's death, I had hoped to go worship my God as I normally do.  However, as the vice-like feeling was leaving, coughing pursued.  Once I began to cough, I just could not stop.  Consequently, I didn't go to worship, Sunday morning.

In the afternoon, I began to feel improved, so I got ready and went to the cemetary.  I took with me a dozen roses (11 red and one [1] white rose) I selected at my florist's and picked up on Saturday, knowing they would be closed on Sunday. 

I did take some photographs, but none of them turned out very well.  I posted the best of the horrible pics I took.  As you can see, the light just wasn't right for taking photos.  Well, I never professed to be a photographer, so I hope you can forgive me.  No, I'm not perfect!

In the photo you can see a dry spot, in the upper left, where grass has not yet grown over the grave of a person recently buried.  However, if you look closely in the lower left side, you may be able to see some of the clover I have mentioned, previously.

By late afternoon, my coughing seemed to be taking a rest.  Praising God, I decided to go worship at our 6:00 pm service.  In the past, I've always loved worshipping on Thanksgiving Sunday's evening service, because it is not our typical worship service.  Instead, we gather to give thanks in an informal setting, without sermons.  Our pastor gives us opportunities to give personal testimonies, giving thanks to God, or we can request singing a hymn we enjoy.

Yes, I gave my testimony of thanks, praising God for everything in my life, including the trials I have experienced and continue to experience, His love and mercy to me and of course for my Lord, Jesus Christ, who became the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, who died and was resurrected, so I can live (you too, if you're trusting in Jesus for your salvation!).  And, made sure to not breathe on anyone, as best I could!  My friend A and her husband K didn't mind; they had experienced my illness just before I did.

Afterwards, as I arrived home, my coughing returned.  Oh Lord!  Help!  He does.

Originally, I thought I would spend Thanksgiving weekend alone. 

Much to my surprise, my daughter P called me Sunday, inviting me to Thanksgiving dinner on Monday.  At first, I felt happy, yet disappointed, because I didn't want to infect P and her family, but P insisted that they had all been sick, so it was no big deal.  I gratefully accepted.

In the past, I would have invited all my family to join me and Gordon on special occasions, like Thanksgiving.  However, not always did they want to attend.  This year, I did prepare somewhat, but not knowing if there would be support, I didn't move forward with an invitation.  Besides, when you live in a complex of about 300 units, the party room is not always available.  When I first mentioned a gathering weeks ago, no one came forward in agreement, so I didn't even attempt to book the room for my family's use.

Instead, I gave each of my daughters some of the needs for their family meals as my contribution to their celebrating Thanksgiving.  In my heart, I had hoped that I would be invited by at least one of them.  Thank You, Lord, for answering my prayer in a positive way, even if I was not yet well.

As I mentioned previously, I believe that stress definitely reduces a person's immune system, as I have read in the past.  And, stress I certainly have felt. 

Although I am not feeling as stressed as I was a few days ago, just thinking about his death and funeral (October 16th) upsets me.  In addition, I have experienced some stress regarding other parts of my life, but today is not the time to discuss that.  Maybe, in the future.

Until next time...

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