Sunday, October 24, 2010

Normal + Not Normal = Blessings!

Last night was another 4 hour sleep night.  Hopefully, my Lord will bless me by allowing me to get back on track with a normal sleep pattern, soon. 

Normal!  Since I have had a disturbed sleep pattern, from long before Gordon died, due to the stressful circumstances I endured living with Gordon and his sometimes off-the-wall activity, I can hardly remember what that is!

To catch you up on my activities, on Thursday evening, I did my normal routine; I attended Bible study and prayer, at church.  Nothing out of the norm.

Friday was different.  Oh, my usual work day activities took up most of my day.  If you read Friday's entry, you'll know about my doctor's appointment situation that put me over the edge emotionally, for a while.

However, the evening was a little different.  In fact, it was very different than what I normally do on a Friday night. 

Unless it is the first Friday of the month, when I attend Tim Horton's with my fellow Christian Singles, I normally just stay home, wishing I had something to do, or someone to talk with, for most people I know plan activities for a Friday night.  Of course, they are mostly couples.  And, I am not.  Anymore.

Pastor B, is the pastor I have written about from time to time, who is planting a church on Windsor's west side in a poor neighbourhood.  To refresh your memory, a few weeks ago, he planned to have church family and friends join him at home for a games and movie night.  My friend B encouraged me to attend that evening, but I didn't end up going.  Unfortunately neither did anyone else!

As I wrote previously, Pastor B had collapsed while jogging and consequently, spent several days in hospital.

Well, this past week, he called me and let me know that he had rescheduled the games and movie night.  I agreed to bring a snack.  So, on Thursday evening, after Bible study and prayer, I baked banana muffins.

On Friday evening, I arrived at his home, muffins in hand.  Even though I arrived exactly on time, I was shocked to be able to find a place to park.  There was a reason.  So many people cancelled at the last moment, that there was Pastor B, his son M and one other male friend, D.  Oooooeeee!

At first, I suggested that I could just go home, if he wanted to reschedule the fun night, but he decided that the four (4) of us could have a great time, if I didn't mind being the only female in the group.  After mulling it over a few seconds, I commented that I since I was already there, if they weren't uncomfortable, then I wouldn't be, either.

So, we played a game of Life.  I cannot recall for sure, but I don't think I have ever played that game, before.  To be honest, it was rather fun!  No, I didn't win.  I did place second (2nd) though!

Afterwards, we all snacked as we watched a DVD movie; the name of which I cannot recall.  To be honest, we were disappointed with the amount of foul language, etc. in the movie, so this may account for why the title didn't stick in my mind. 

All in all, it was a great evening; I had a good time.  Thank you, Pastor B!

After the movie was over, about 10:00 pm, I made my way home and finished my Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry and posted it.

So, there you have it!  Some normal stuff.  Some not normal stuff.  At least, for me!  Let's face it, I'm blessed.

Until next time...

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