Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Thank You, Lord.  Thank You, for giving me such a wonderful night's sleep, last night.  The rare seven (7) hours sleep I received was longer than most of what I have experienced, in such a long time.  The best part was that I only woke up a couple of times!  Long and restful.  Definitely, an answer to prayer.  (I hope it continues!)

Even though I did most of my bookkeeping on Thursday, I still needed to finish up, make sure everything balanced and then remit my HST.  So, after doing other work stuff, I finished up.

Now that I know what to do, it shouldn't take me quite as long, next time.  You see, I used to remit by telephone; file the info, I mean.  Then, pay at my bank, if I owed the government tax money, or I would be all set, if they owed me a refund.

When I received my filing info for this last quarter, I thought the government had forgotten to include a sheet we use as a template, to know what was paid out and what was collected; with this, we calculate what is owing and to whom.  So, I dug out a previous sheet, copied it and proceeded.  Once done, I telephoned as I usually do.

In addition to giving all my personal info, I have to give an access code and have it accepted by the automated system.  The system accepted me.  As I was entering my info, I noticed on one of the sheets that the system had changed.  Apparently, I can now only remit electronically, through the internet system.

But, the system had just accepted me, by phone.  I hung up!  After reading all the small print, it became apparent that had I completed remitting by telephone, I would have been fined $100, for my first (1st) offense; $250 for my second (2nd).  Whoa!!!  Why didn't the phone system reject the new access code that was supposed to be meant only for the electronic (internet) system?

It wasn't difficult to find where I needed to file my remittance info, online.  Although, I would have appreciated having a few instructions on how to use this new system.  With the telephone system, if zeros were necessary (e.g. newly acquired taxable property, etc.), we had to enter them.  So, I did this with the online system.  When I clicked on the calculate button (it is supposed to calculate for me and won't allow me to completely enter all the info, myself), the system did not do what I needed it to do.

On the phone I got, calling to find out what to do.  After waiting quite a while to speak with a live person, I decided to try eliminating the zeros and clicked the calculate button.  Voila!  The deed was done!  I was then able to submit my info and print off the form for my records.  Phew!  Thank You, Lord!

It blows my mind, thinking that the government's automated telephone system accepted me, knowing that I was not allowed to remit any more, by telephone.  I had to wonder if the government is using this petty trick to tax unsuspecting people.  Busy people, like me, who just presumed they had to do what they had to do, the same old way.  I praise God that He allowed me to notice this, before completing the task the wrong way!  Again, thank You, Lord.

Early last evening, I once again baked a birthday cake, then iced and decorated it, for my grandson D's birthday.

D is my youngest daughter P's eldest son, who became 16 years old, today (going on 30, of course!).  Happy Birthday, D!

We had a good time celebrating, together!  In the upper photo, from left to right, is D's girlfriend R, D's brother Z and of course, birthday grandson!  The lower photo is of (back row) P's boyfriend K and my youngest daughter, P; the front row left to right, is of D's girlfriend R, his brothers S and Z, and of course, D!

Thank You, Lord for blessing me.  I pray God's Will is to bless you, also.

Until next time...

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