Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, 1 Day Later!

About six (6) hours sleep, is what I had last night.  Wow!  Even so, I woke up feeling exhausted.

Being tired, I was glad I didn't have to rush out from home, this morning.  It took me a while to get moving, but eventually, I managed to get done everything I needed to do, for work.

Except for my bookkeeping, that is.  So, this afternoon, I began working on my bookkeeping.  As a Realtor, I must remit HST for my business.  Most Realtors only have to remit annually.  However, because I originally was a Retailer when I obtained what came to be known as my Business Number, I was expected to remit, quarterly.

After I sold my business and only worked as a Realtor, I contacted the government, requesting to be switched to the annual program.  They refused to allow me to do so.  Therefore, I must do my bookkeeping every three (3) months (quarterly) and remit my HST.

I suppose it isn't so bad, really.  After all, it does mean that at the end of the year, I am well on my way to being able to file my Income Tax, when it becomes time to do so.

While I still feel like I am behind schedule, compared to other years previous to Gordon's death, I am now beginning to feel like I'm making headway.  Even so, I have a tremendous amount of work to do, that needs to be accomplished and completed before Christmas!

One thing I am grateful for, is that I was able to mail on Tuesday, the Christmas gifts I purchased to send to family in N. Ireland.  What a relief that is! 

While I haven't made a dent with Christmas cards, I'm glad I'm not getting too far ahead of myself, for I must finish updating my mail list, for clients, past clients, friends, and church-family. 

Believe me, by the time Christmas arrives, I am usually exhausted.  After all, I also purchase, wrap and deliver Christmas gifts, also! 

Not to mention, that I have family birthdays galore right up until New Year's Eve!

Oh oh, I better stop writing about this, because I'm beginning to feel worn out, just thinking about how much work I still have to do!

Tuesday evening, I baked, iced and decorated a birthday cake for my grandson, A.  Friends on Facebook (FB) know it was a chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, finished with sprinkles, plus chocolate and white icing for trims and writing.

When I first began making the cake, I realized that even though yesterday was A's birthday, I was not going to be able to bring the cake and meet with him and his other family members until today, because another family member had planned a celebration with several children and some other family members.  Since I never have a guarantee on how busy I will be, I baked it one (1) day early, to ensure I would have the cake ready to meet with everyone, today!  Besides which, had the other celebration cancelled for some reason, I would have been ready to make sure A's birthday was celebrated on his special day.

Think it was too soon in advance to make the cake?  No, it wasn't.  In fact, when I took cake decorating courses years ago, I learned that cakes can be made several days in advance of use, as long as they are iced and sealed completely when decorated.  This way, when no air can get into the cake itself, it remains fresh.

Above is a photo of my birthday boy grandson A blowing out his candles, with his brother J and his Mom, my daughter B looking on.  The other photo is of our group today, at my daughter B's home, from left:  my grandsons A, J, N, my daughter B holding my baby granddaughter A, and grandson, T.

What a blessing it is to be able to be with and celebrate special occasions, as I have been able to do, recently.  I praise God and thank Jesus!

Until next time...

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