Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gordon's Buriel & Resurrection...

Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life.
He who believes in me, though he die,
yet shall he live:
and whoever lives and believes in me,
shall never die."

John 11:25-26

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Hymn:  When the Saints Go Marching In

Lynn McKenzie

When I married my husband, Gordon...the love of my life, I was sick with an upper respiratory infection and either didn't hear Pastor D or could not recall what he asked me, when he asked me if I would marry Gordon, so after a lengthy delay with panic about how to reply and not wanting to respond incorrectly, I replied, "I will shall do!" It covered it all!

As you know, my loving Gordon went home to be with Jesus in heaven Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 12:30 a.m., after being in the hospital just over one week. I cannot be sorry for him, for he is with His Lord, no longer suffering in pain, because he has been healed.

As many of you know, Gordon had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, located in the very centre of his head, sitting on the brain stem. To those who prayed for him, I thank you and pray that God will bless you, richly.

(In this part, I explained Gordon's health problems and how we had planned to visit Manitoulin Island, etc., because some of our family, friends and/or church family were not aware of what happened to Gordon.  Not wanting to repeat of earlier information, I will not print this part of the eulogy.)

My family and I thank all who ministered to Gordon's needs: doctors, nurses, other medical personnel and thank all who prayed for him, including Pastors B and B, deacons & deacon/friend M. M., who in obedience to James, annointed Gordon with oil, laid hands on him and prayed for healing for him. Metabolically, Gordon was healing: a feeding tube was feeding him, his stomach was digesting, his kidneys and bowels were functioning, but as the swelling in the brain decreased, his head filled with blood. Unfortunately, Gordon never regained consciousness.

In my heart of hearts, I had hoped it was God's will to heal Gordon; I had prayed God would give him the same miracle healing He had given my grandson N, when he was born prematurely. Dr. N, the Christian Neonatologist who was obedient to God's word, did the same for N as Pastors B and B and friend/deacon M had done for Gordon. N received a miracle healing from God, who healed him of any and all brain damage; today, he is a super-smart, intelligent teenager, who I am praying will become a physician, himself. Yes, God does miracles, even today. He's the same yesterday, today and forever. It just wasn't God's will for Gordon's life, to be healed.

God never promised us tomorrow. In fact, we can't even take our next breath, unless God wills it. Let's face it: no one gets out of this world, alive. The important thing is to know where you're going when you die. Where will you go? Heaven? Or, hell?

Gordon knew he was going to heaven, not because he had been such a good person, for good people don't always go to heaven. Besides, he had not always walked with the Lord during the course of his life; he knew he wasn't always a good person. He had many serious problems during his life, some he created, some he did not. Like the rest of us, he had done things he was sorry for, tried to make amends where he could, but most importantly, he knew that he was a sinner who could only be saved by grace alone, through faith, alone in Christ, alone. He knew that God hates sin. His word tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Gordon knew that he needed Jesus to save him from an eternity in hell, for God's Word teaches that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life; he knew that no one comes to the Father, but by Him. Gordon knew the Bible teaches that if you know Jesus, you know the Father and if you don't know Jesus, you don't know the Father. Gordon knew that all he had to do was trust in Jesus, for his salvation. I'm thankful that he repented of his sin and was trusting in Jesus, for I know that I will see him again, that we will be reunited again, in heaven.

If there are any here that do not know Jesus as Saviour and do not have the assurance of going to heaven, I know that Gordon would want you to trust in Jesus, so that you would not end up in hell. Even with his imperfections, he was a loving man. I know he loved me. He cared for me, was a good provider and was always there for those who needed him.

The former things have passed; Gordon is happy, healthy and praising God that he is in heaven with Jesus. While I miss him terribly, I would not wish him to be back here, just to suffer in pain. I love him with all my heart and if I could, I would marry him again, today...and even if I knew how to reply to our pastor when asked, I would again reply, "I will shall do!"

My sweetheart Gordon, I love you, and "I will shall do!"

How Deep the Father's Love for Us
as sung acapella by Lynn McKenzie
(prerecorded Oct.15, 2009)

...lovingly given by
Gordon's friend B. B.

Hymn:  What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Rev. Bruce Arthur

Hymn:  To God be the Glory


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