Thursday, October 21, 2010

Condolences, Prayer and Dreams...

Talk about a broken sleep!  Last night, I'm sure I woke up every hour, except for the times when I just dozed, because I could not drop off into a solid sleep.  Consequently, today is another one of those days where I just want to have a nap!

Before I forget, I would like to ask for prayer for my on-line friend George, whose son Dave recently died under tragic circumstances.  I won't go into detail here, but know that George truly needs all the prayer he can receive.  You will see both George's blog:  The Adventures of Tioga and George and Dave's blog:   Dave's Home  listed on the menu on the right, of blogs I follow.  If you are reading George, I am truly sorry to hear of Dave's death.  I send condolences to you and family. 

In addition, I have two (2) other prayer requests.  The first is for my friends W & Z.  They had been scheduled to have surgery yesterday, but it didn't happen.  W is giving her husband Z a kidney; Z is diabetic, blind and on dialysis.  Apparently, Z had a reaction to one of the drugs given to him, prior to surgery, so it was called off.

The last prayer request is for the daughter of my friends F & C.  F is currently with her daughter in New York State, while C is home, here.  Their daughter had to have a hip replacement; her surgery was yesterday.  Unfortunately, something went wrong; today, she was back in surgery, apparently because the new hip broke in half, while she was in recovery, yesterday.

If these weren't such serious prayer requests, I wouldn't burden you, but as you can see, they are rather serious.  I thank you for praying.  May God bless you.

After doing my usual stuff this morning, I got ready to go out.  I'm sure you really are not interested in everything I do, including my stuff for work!  I met my Realtor friends/co-workers C and M.  We arranged to meet at Red Lobster, for lunch. 

It has been quite a while since we got together, anywhere.  I was kind of glad it was Red Lobster, for I hadn't been there in a while. 

We enjoyed our lunch, for sure; it was delicious.  The fellowship time was wonderful, too!  When it came time to paying the bill, C decided he would splurge and treat M and I.  This was not expected, but was thoroughly appreciated, C.  Thank you, so very much.

During our conversation, we talked about retirement ideas.  C wants to go to Florida and purchase a home or a mobile home, so he can winter there. 

Both M and I tried to talk C into considering Arizona, especially Lake Havasu City area, for it is absolutely beautiful, there!  To me, it's sort of like being in the Garden of Eden.  It's in the desert, so it's dry heat, yet with the lake and mountains, it's absolutely beautiful, there.  So far, we could not convince C into even considering it.  lol

M would just like to have a little cottage somewhere up north. 

Me?  Well, as you've probably heard me mention in the past, I'd like to have a Roadtrek Van.  This way, I wouldn't have to be tied down to one location!  Tour Canada and Alaska in summer.  Tour USA and Mexico in Winter.  Of course, Europe...any time!

It's not that I would like to have driving holidays, for this is not always the case, even when you drive somewhere.  Once you've arrived, you can stay as long as you like; well, as long as your calendar and finances will allow, for sure!

It's more a case that I really like having a vehicle to drive some places I visit.  Big cities don't really require a vehicle, for they usually have good public transit.  But, what about those places that aren't easily accessible by public transit?  Then, a vehicle to drive becomes a necessity.

In the past, Gordon and I rented vehicles whenever we felt we would need one, as we travelled.  Not only can this be expensive, but the last time we rented a vehicle, we received a filthy vehicle with a tire that was defective from the manufacturer (not a Michelin tire).  Did this matter, when we returned the vehicle?  No.  In fact, we were charged a mini-fortune for the tire, even though my relative who works at Michelin Tire manufacturing plant assured us that the tire was defective from the manufacturer.  With the exchange, it amounted to close to $500.  Ask me:  Do I want to rent a vehicle again?  NO!

The idea of travelling in Europe, and having my own vehicle and bed are appealing.  Even with the cost of shipping the vehicle overseas and back, the cost would be less than paying for transit and accommodation, if I were to be staying several months.

For those of you who are not familiar with a Roadtrek Van, they are sort of like a motorhome, but not licenced as one.  There are no parking restrictions, because they are licenced as a regular motor vehicle van, so they can park on the street, just like a regular vehicle.

They are not so large that they are cumbersome and not so small that you can't be comfortable.  While some of the older versions do not all have shower facilities, most newer ones do; yes, you can stand up inside.  In addition, they have a toilet, and a mini kitchen, usually equipped with a fridge, 2 burner cooktop, microwave, etc. and usually sleep two to four (2-4) people. 

Ah!  What a nice dream!

Until next time...

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