Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Call a Cab?

So much for much appreciated solid night's sleep; I hope they are not in the past.  Late yesterday afternoon, around suppertime, I was so-o exhausted that I actually considered having a nap; but, I didn't.  Instead, I just forced myself to stay awake, hoping for an early bedtime.

About 11:30 pm, I climbed into bed, hoping sleep would come quickly.  It didn't.  In fact, I laid awake over an hour before finally drifting off.  Then, about 2:00 am, I awoke.  I did everything I could think of to return to sleep.  I prayed, asked God what He would have me do.  Prayed some more.  And more.

Eventually, I got up, turned on my computer, checked and returned e-mail, before updating on Facebook (FB) for a while.

Finally, I felt tired again, so I returned to bed.  Ah!  Glorious sleep.  I just wish it had been longer, for I awoke this morning, once again exhausted.

Knowing I had to go out today, I made sure I got my work done, quickly and first thing this morning.  Even so, I arrived at church for our 50+ group luncheon about a half (1/2) hour late.  I'm grateful that God had put it on my heart last night to make the pasta salad I was bringing with me today.  Otherwise, I would have been much later.

It's always an enjoyable time, participating in the 50+ group.  While some of our church members were in attendance, we also have people who come from other churches, so our Fellowship Room is quite often almost full!  I believe a good time was had by all.

My friend W asked me to stay to help with a task that will be used next month, but I had to apologize and not participate, for I had planned to go to Windsor Regional Hospital - Met Campus, to visit one of my Sellers A, who was hospitalized.

Boy, I sure got my workout today, just walking from where I had to park, in to A's room.  Believe me, if I could have, I would have called a cab to drive me!  These hospitals and parking areas sure aren't designed for people with walking limitations!

As you may know, I had been ill over the past two (2) weeks, but am now feeling better.  During the time I was ill, I didn't do my daily workout, but as I started to feel improvement, I decided to do it.  One day, I could only get about half (1/2) way through.  Between coughing, feeling weak, etc., I just could not finish it.  Consequently, I didn't work out again until yesterday, when I was feeling like I was over it.

Talk about being fatigued!  It was almost overwhelming physically, doing the workout I had been in the habit of doing six (6) days per week, before I became ill.  Even so, I pushed myself to do it and was glad I did.

On my way home, I did some errands.  By the time I walked in my door, I was once again exhausted.  So much so that I decided I just could not avoid it; I took a nap.  Setting my alarm for about 20 minutes, I reset it and actually dozed for close to an hour, in total.  I am praying this won't interfere with my sleep, tonight!

All day, I had not looked forward to doing laundry this evening, but it needed to be done.  After all, who would do it for me?  It won't do itself!  So, after my nap, I got sorted around and made my way to the laundry room.

From there, I walked down the hall to the gym, where I spent the next half (1/2) hour exercising  and walking on the treadmill.  OOOooooooeeeeeeee!  By the time I was done and ready to change my laundry from the washers to the dryers, I was about done in!

Oh well.  While waiting for the laundry to dry, I returned to my apartment and chilled out.  Of course, once my laundry was dry, I had to bring it 'home' and do with it as it required. 

Hey, what can I say?  I'm finally ready for bedtime, chilling out and writing this entry.  With God's help, and since my body is hurting all over, every joint and muscle, I will just go immediately to sleep, out of sheer exhaustion!

Hopefully, you'll have a great sleep.  Blessings to you.

Until next time...

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