Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy! Busy!

After about four and a half (4 1/2) hours sleep, I was awake for the day.

Before I tell you about today, I would like to say that SONday was a busy day for me.  As you know, I cross town every Sunday, to worship at my church.  After our service ended, we had a celebration with cake, etc. for one of our members who is leaving Windsor. 

G is in her eighties (80's) and has worshipped at my church for over 50 years.  She had three (3) daughters; one lives out west and one lives in London.  The other daughter used to live in Windsor; that was, until she died, last year.  She was the daughter who used to take care of her.

Since then, G has had no one to help take care of her daily needs.  Along with my efforts, several people tried to help out with meals, errands etc., but her daughter in London thought she should move there, so G could be near her.

Truly, this is a good thing for G.  It is sad for the rest of us, who will miss her.  But, God knows best.  Best wishes for you, G.  May God bless you, in your new life, in London!

Afterwards, as per usual, I went to the cemetary and sat at Gordon's grave for a while, talking to him and God, crying and praying.  And, believe it or not, singing, too.

When it was time, I made my way to the reception centre, where my friend J, who works for the cemetary and funeral home, was expecting me.  They were having an open house.  Originally, I didn't know if I would attend or not, but after speaking with J the other day, and knowing my schedule wasn't totally filled, I agreed to attend.

As I've mentioned previously, J moved here from Oakville, just over a year ago.  She sold me Gordon's and my plot, marker, etc.  We've been friends ever since.

J greeted me and together, we shared a snack and a cup of tea.  Other people she knew arrived, so I waited for a time, for my other friend J to arrive.  I thought she told me she planned to attend, but I may have been mistaken.  Either that, or she forgot about the open house.  In any case, after waiting a while, I left.

Knowing I would be in time to worship at Bible Community Church, I made my way back to Windsor's west side, arriving just in time for the service.

Again, only a handful of people were in attendance.  I have to give Pastor B credit.  He works hard, ministering to the needs of the poor community.  The few people he has as members do not attend every week, but do attend fairly regularly.  On Saturdays, he leads a group that goes out doing service work for those in the community with needs, or they pass out tracts, etc., or both.

Last evening, I enjoyed watching The Amazing Race!  Actually, I look forward to Sunday evening, just to watch this programme.

Today, was another busy time for me.  Realizing I had not yet gone for the bloodwork I was supposed to have done, I got ready and left home really early, for the lab opens about 7:00 am, daily.  From there, I had several errands to do.  It's a good thing the places I needed to go to, were open early!

Late morning, I got my license plate renewal sticker for my van.  Yes, I know.  It really isn't due until my birthday in November, but I hate leaving things until the last moment, so I got it done, today.  Thank you, Lord, that I can cross this off my list of things to do!

Just as I was about to head towards home, my cell phone rang.  It was my friend J, calling from the cemetary.

Previously, we had made arrangements to celebrate her birthday, but she had been sick with the same kind of virus I had, recently.  I think everyone I know has had it!

In any case, since J was feeling better yesterday, we meant to set a time to meet for her Birthday lunch.  Because she was busy with visitors, we forgot to do this.  So, she called to set up a time and day.

Since I had work to do, later in the afternoon, I suggested that if she was available today, we could meet.  She said it worked for her!  So, we agreed to meet at East Side Mario's for lunch; my treat, of course.

Before I could head to the restaurant, I headed home, to pick up her gift and card.  Then, I made my way to share fellowship time and a great meal with J.  Happy Birthday, J!  May God bless you with a great year, ahead!

Heading for home, I realized that I needed to once again go to my voting location.  I had actually been there after my lab bloodwork was done, but there was such a line-up, that I had decided to go a little later in the day. 

On this second (2nd) time, there was virtually no line-up.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!  It may sound silly to you, but with my physical problems and limitations, I find it difficult to stand for lengthy periods of time (walking is hard, but easier than standing).

Before voting, I had to present my voter card and have the correction made, because they had my address wrong.  Even so, it only took me a few minutes to accomplish what I set out to do.

Unfortunately, my vote didn't matter, for my candidate didn't get elected.  What a bummer!  I truly believe Windsor would do better economically, with a business man at the helm, rather than a lawyer.  Especially this business man, for he has already secured contracts with corportations to bring about 3,500 jobs to Windsor!  All this, without even being Mayor! 

I have to wonder why Eddie Francis couldn't have done this.  I suppose he could have; but, he didn't.

Oh well, at least I can say I tried.  I fulfilled my constitutional right.  I did what every eligible voter should do.  Speak up and be counted!

For me, the worst part will be having to listen to my real estate partner/friend C, gloat about how his candidate was re-elected.  Mmmmm... maybe, I will just avoid him for a day or two!  lol :-))

Until next time...

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