Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thanking God!

Before I talk about today's events, I would like to say that the problem that occurred yesterday with the person I wrote about, has been resolved.  Thank you, to all who prayed about this problem.  May God bless you, richly.  While the remark made seemed to focus on the situation that was so distressing, apparently, there was more going on behind the scenes that I wasn't aware of.  So, while the two (2) parts of the remark appeared to be related, they were not.  Thank You, Lord, for resolving this situation in a positive way.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

It was just before 2:00 am, when I got into bed.  Sleep didn't take too long to come.  However, after about an hour, I woke up.  Drifting off again, sleep didn't last.  It seemed like I woke up about every half hour.  Consequently, I was exhausted today!

Even so, today is Sonday and it is a day I truly enjoy!  Worship was great, today.  The music was wonderful.  Our sanctuary was packed, as many of the University of Windsor students are now in residence and came out to church, to worship! 

After worshipping, I made my way to the cemetary.  As normal, since it was a nice day, I sat on my lawn chair at Gordon's grave side.  Crying.  Talking to him.  Talking to God.  Just the usual.

Instead of heading right home, I had to stop at my office to pay my monthly invoice and have a correction made to the invoice, as there was an error on it.  It didn't take long.  I'm glad my broker was there!

Then, I stopped to pick up a few groceries.  Not much.  Just a few things that I could easily carry. 

Arriving home, after putting away my purchases, I relaxed and watched a movie on television:  A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I was reminded once again, that movies are not like real life.  Like most others of this sort, it had a happy ending.  Everyone falls in love and life is good.  Like a friend of mine on Facebook (FB) commented today, Why can't real life be like it is in movies?

As I mentioned, I was absolutely exhausted.  In fact, by late this afternoon, I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I had a nap.  I planned for about 20 minutes, not wanting to sleep too long, in case it disturbs my sleep, tonight.  However, I kept resetting my snooze alarm, until my telephone rang, because I just couldn't seem to wake up!  Hopefully, I'll sleep, tonight!

This evening, I did my thing on FB, chatted with friends and family, both on FB and by telephone.  Then, watched another movie on television:  My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I'd seen this movie previously, but it was worth watching again, and I felt I needed a laugh.

You'll notice I didn't mention exercise, today.  That's because on my Lord's day, I try to use it as a rest day.  Although, once in a while I will relax in the pool, I did not, today.  To be honest, the pool is quite busy on a Sunday, with people having guests.  Mainly families.  Grandchildren, etc.  While I had thought about just going to relax, I decided to just chill out in my apartment and enjoy the view of sailboats on the water.  Relaxing and thanking God for his love.

Until next time...

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